Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful for Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful for Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful for Kids

Once upon a time, a man named Madan with his wife Sheetal and son Raju comes to live in a village named Jaganpur. Madan used to do business in the city where he suffered a lot of damage and due to lack of money, he was all in the village. After reaching home, Sheetal speaks to Madan.

Sheetal - Is this the village where you want to do business?

Madan - Yes dear! 

Sheetal - It looks bigger than our village.

Madan - Yes, that's why we are here. If other people are selling the dish here, if we sell the same then we will not have much profit, so we have to sell different dishes here.

Sheetal - New Dish! Have you thought about it?

Madan - My friend suggested Chinese fas food. It will be something new for the villagers and they will like it very much.

Sheetal - Alright dear!

After this, in a week, in the market of the village, he put a raisin of Chinese food. On the very first day, very few customers come to his shop. But as soon as some of them taste Chinese food, they love to eat it. In this way, more customers started to come to Madan's shop. Other shopkeepers thus became envious of their customers visiting Madan's shop. So some of them start making Chinese food.

Gradually there was more Chinese shop in the market. Now customers started going to every shop to seat Chinse food items, due to which Madan's business was much less than before. Now Madan is worried about his business. Seeing his father worried, Raju speaks to Madan.

Raju - Are you worried about your business?

Madan - Yes dear!

Raju - Don't worry dad! You do what I say. Many students come from other villages in my school. They love to eat my tiffin. Every time they eat my food. If you obey me, then you should set up your shop outside my school, it will do your business very well.

Madan liked this suggestion of Raju very much and he speaks to him.

Madan - Okay dear. I will do as per your suggestion.

The very next day Madan set up his stall outside Raju's school. Being the first day only a few students and mostly Raju's friends come to the stall to eat. But slowly he started getting crowded with students and his business started going very well. In this way, he did not allow his business to be shut down with his determination and his dedication.

Moral - Seeing how Sohan faced repeated trouble in his business, but he did not give up and he always thought of taking it forward. In the same way, we have to face many kinds of trouble in our life but we should not panic and back away from it but we should move forward with courage.

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