Top Interesting Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

Top Interesting Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

Top Interesting Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

This is the story of an arrogant businessman name Subhash who was proud of himself because he was very rich. He always let others down. In connection with some work, he goes out of the city where he has to face a problem where he realizes his mistakes. Now to know how it happens, you must read this story till the end.

Subhash goes out of town for a day to go to Sitapur village. He had to purchase land there and set up a factory of his own. After going some distance further, there remains a river that could be reached to Sitapur village only after crossing it. 

There was a small bridge to cross the river, on which only one man could walk at a time. So Subhash parked his car in one place and proceeded on foot some distance only when he saw a boat in the river. Subhash thought after seeing the boat.

Subhash - I may go across the boat soon with the help of this boat.

Thinking like that, he called the boatman. The boatman's name was written on that boat as Raju. 

Subhash - Hey Raju, I want to go to Sitapur Village, will you leave me on the other side of the river with your boat?

Raju - Yes sir! Please come!

After this Raju put his boat on one side of the river and in which Subhash sits. Now Raju starts his boat and starts going further into the river. After going some distance further, Subhash starts talking to Raju.

Subhash - Do you know who I am?

Raju - Sorry sir! But I don't know who you are!

Subhash - Hey you didn't recognize me, I am the biggest businessman in this city. Have you ever seen my photo in the Newspaper?

Raju - No sir! I am an illiterate.

Subhash - Hey how are you man, even today, you do not know how to read! What benefit do you have: Then coming into this world!

Raju became depressed after hearing this and he started telling himself in the mind.

Raju - Do I not mean to come into this world? I am living just like this.

In this thinking, Raju was driving his boat. Now the boat was in the middle of the river, Raju was thinking about his situation when Subhash started talking to him again.

Subhash - Do you know, I have a meeting today in this village: and if it is final, then I will open the company of Bisleri in this village. 

Raju - Bisleri! What is it Sir?

Subhash - Bisleri, it's a water bottle! 

Raju - No sir! I don't know about it. 

Subhash - Are you telling the truth?

Raju - Yes sir! I never go to the city in my entire life.

Subhash - What! You never go to the city. That means you have never seen those tall buildings, railway stations, Stalls where water bottles are sold. Don't you know anything about all this?

Raju - No sir! I don't know anything about it.

Subhash - If you have never been outside this village, you will not know Bisleri, I am going to start a Bisleri factory here, I will make a bottle of water in it and it will be sold in the city. Seriously, you have no meaning in this world.

Raju is now engrossed in thinking and he starts thinking in his mind.

Raju - Do I mean nothing in this world?

In this way, he was running a boat with a depressed heart and his day wanders and the boat hit a big stone and starts filling it with water. Seeing all this Subhash scared. 

Raju - Sir, I think this boat will sink now, do you know how to swim? 

Subhash - No brother, I don't know swimming.

Raju - Oh sir! You don't know swimming then you mean nothing to this world. I know swimming but I don't know what will happen to you!

Hearing this Subhash scared me. He trembled with fear and begged Raju.

Subhash - I will give you a lot of money but save me, I do not want to die by drowning in this river.

Raju - I don't want your money. I know swimming and I may take you to the banks of the river.

Subhash - Please save me, brother. I beg you.

Raju - Don't worry sir! I know swimming very well. 

When I jump in the water, then you hold my shoulders and come down into the water. You hold my shoulders tightly in the water, I will bring you to the banks of the river. And in this way Raju jumps into the water and after that Subhash jumps into the water and holds Raju's shoulder very tightly. In this way, Raju takes Subhash out of the water and made him sit in one place.

Subhash - Thanks a lot Raju! You have done me a favor by saving me, say what you want? 

Raju - I don't want anything from you, I just want to say that not everyone has it now, if I don't know swimming today, what would happen to both of us today? Every person has his different quality, you were telling me what is the benefit of my coming into this world, so you have seen what is my benefit:

Hearing all this Subhash realizes his mistakes and speaks to Raju.

Subhash - Raju, I realize my mistakes. I made a mistake, forgive me, I will never insult anyone from today. 

Raju - It's okay sir! Now let us move to our works. 

Moral - In life, we should never underestimate anyone. Each one has its quality and we should recognize and appreciate it. Because no one is small or big in life. 

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