Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Always keep in mind that when it happens, it always happens on its own time. Today, I have brought a similar story for you which you must read till the end. A poor girl named Tanya used to sweep, mop, cook food in others' houses and spend her daily livelihood with that hard-earned money.

Tanya was good in her studies and did her Bachelor's in College. Her parents had died in a car accident, due to which she could not do her further studies. Her dream was to become an IAS officer, so she used to work in the house of others in the day and did her study at night.

Talking about the day, where she used to work, she talks to the mistress Yogita there.

Tanya - Your son Amit is preparing for which exam?

Yogita - Mind your own business. What do you have to do with what my son is doing? The more time you waste studying, the more time you clean my house, I will give you some more money in exchange for it.

Hearing this talk of Yogita, Taniya feels very bad and she comes to her house with a sad heart after finishes her work. After coming home, Tanya gets into her study like every day. After studying all night, she sleeps for three hours in the morning and then goes to work at Yogita's house. Yogita speaks to Tanya.

Yogita - Did you have some work with Amit?


Tanya - Mistress, I had to ask, what is Amit preparing for and what are some of his books that I can get to read?

Yogita - Well, you do one thing. Today you stay at my house and after the end of the housework, also talk to Amit about your work.

Tanya - Ok mam! Thanks a lot!

Yogita - Today my 15 guests are going to come and you will have to cook for them all, will you be able to do it?

Tanya - Yes sure mam! I will cook for them.

At the time of night, when Tanya finishes all his work, after that she talks to the mistress. 

Tanya - I am done with the household work and now please call Amit.

Yogita had to get her housework done in the morning so she talks to Tanya in a good way and now her work is done so she lies to Tanya.

Yogita - Well Tanya, Amit is full of partying with his friends and he is not going to come home today. 

Hearing this about Amit from Yogita, she becomes very frustrated and she thinks in her mind.

Tanya - I have already read all the books that I had: and now I do not even have a book nor can I buy any books for that much money. 

That's when Amit called her mother and come in front of her. Now Yogita's lies were exposed to Tanaya and hence Yogita spoke to Amit to correct his own thing. 

Yogita - Hey Amit, you are supposed to not come home today. Well, Tanya needs your help so have some chat with her.

Amit - Yes Tanya tell me what's the matter?

Tanya - I wanted to know how to prepare for the Civil Service exam?

Amit - Hey, where did you go in an exam like this, there are exams for people studying in big colleges and these are very big exams. You won't be able to clear these exams. Why are you wasting your hard-earned money on studying and purchasing books?


Saying this Amit went inside. Yogita speaks to Tanya.

Yogita - Well Tanya, today there are already many people in the house and now there is no place to sleep, so you go to your house.

After this, she comes home alone at night and she starts crying in the house. Tanya had suffered a lot after listening to Amit. Tanya was very tired of the horror today, but she had become stronger than her body. She thinks of herself in mind.

Tanya - Though I am very poor and studied in a small college yet I will show everyone once I get success in my exam.

That night Tanya makes her study timetable, but she does not have books which was the reason for her problem. She thinks that she will once again demand books from Amit, maybe he will give her. Thinking this, she gets into her studies and sleeps sometime in the morning and after getting up she goes to work at her mistress's house. Tanya speaks to Yogita.

Tanya - Mam I will clean your vehicles too and I will work for some more hours here. In return, you may give me some money so that I can purchase some books. 

Yogita - Well, I cannot give you money but yes I can give Amit's book. You read it very fast and return it to Amit as soon as possible. 

At the behest of her mother, Amit started giving his books to Tanya and due to this, now she starts studying at more time. The books which were getting spoiled keeping in Amit almirah's, now Tanya started reading those books and make it useful for herself. 

After a few months later, there was going to be a pre-exam of the UPSC, in which both Tanya and Amit appear, but in this exam, Tanya qualifies and becomes eligible for the Mains exam whereas Amit failed to crack the exam. Tanya did not tell this anyone and she started preparing for her Mains Exam. 

On one hand, Tanya used to work in the day and did her study at night, on the other hand, Amit whole day used to pass time with friends. Six months later Tany qualified for the Mains exam too and now she starts preparing for her interview. The day when Tanya was supposed to appear for an interview, the same day Yogita called Tanya and said

Yogita - If you do not come to work today, then you should not come to work from now on: I will hire someone else to work here.

Tanya had to go for her interview today so she does not go to work and appear in the interview. She finally cleared the interview round too and now she grabs his success. The news of Tanya becoming an IAS reached everywhere and upon hearing all this, Amit and Yogita were very much regretted their actions.

Moral - Those who do hard work are never defeated, so we should always keep faith in ourselves and move forward.

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