Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best moral Stories Useful for Childrens

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best moral Stories Useful for Childrens

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best moral Stories Useful for Childrens

Long long ago there lived two good friends Arvind and Abhinay in a village named Ashokdham. Arvind was very greedy and he always used to think that everything is always according to his wish. Abhinay was very good and he respects each and everyone very politely. They both had a business of selling onions in the market. 

They used to purchase the onions from the farmers at a lower price and sell it in the market at a little higher price. In this way, they used to run their own house with little profit that they had. It is a matter of one day when they were selling onions in the market, then a man comes to Abhinay's shop to buy onions. 

Customer - What is the price of one kg Onion?

Abhinay - Fifty Rupees per kg sir.

Customer - Hey, has the price of onions gone up?

Abhinay - Yes Sir!

Customer - I need five kg onions. Will you give me forty rupees per kg?

Abhinay - Ok sir. Take it.

Then Arvind speaks to Abhinay.

Arvind - Hey, what are you doing? How would you sell it at forty rupees per kg? Wait, I will talk to him.

Now Arvind speaks to the customer.

Arvind - Even if you take 10 kg, we will give you 50 rupees per kg. we cannot lower our rate as we may suffer loss.

After listening to Arvind, the customer goes away. Now Abhinay speaks to Arvind.

Abhinay - Why did you do this, we were getting our money!

Arvind - In such a situation, we get our money and we do not get any profit.

Abhinay - Brother, we need to adapt to the situation. What the situation demands we need to focus on that.

Arvind - Keep quiet! You know nothing. You will see on tomorrow, the same customer will come to us and purchase it. 

Abhinay did not want to spoil his friend so he does not speak anything to Arvind. The very next day, the same customer comes to buy the onions from them. In this way, Arvind's confidence increased. A few days later both of them went to the farmers to purchase onions from them. Arvind speaks to Abhinay.

Arvind - Abhinay, this time we purchased the onions at fifty rupees per kg, so we need to sell it at eighty rupees per kg to the customers. 

The next Morning Abhinay, when reading the Newspaper, he finds that the rate of Onion has come down, and seeing this, he goes to tell this news to Arvind.

Abhinay - Hey Arvind, the price of onions has come down so we cannot sell them at a higher price.

Arvind - Don't worry. We shall not sell it currently. We will keep it in our store for a few days and once the price gets an increase, we will sell it at a higher price. 

Abhinay - But keeping the onions for a longer period, it will rot and we will not get any money from it, so it's better to sell it at our cost price so that at least we may not suffer any loss from it. 

Arvind - Listen as I am speaking and do not set your mind on high. We will wait for some days now and once the price gets increased we shall sell it.

Now, in the same way, both of them do not do onion sales for twenty days and keep it safe in their store. In the meantime, Arvind had done all the onion purchases from the farmers at a low price so that no one had an onion anymore. a few days later the price of onion rises and now Arvind set the price of onion at three hundred rupees per kg. 

Due to not getting any onion, the customers were forced to buy the products at the same price. In this way, Arvind and Abhinav made considerable profits. Abhinay did not like to be subsumed in this way, but he could not speak anything to Arvind and always listened to him.

Arvind had become greedy because of earning more profits and now he would like to buy the first onion at a low price and keep it in the store and starts waiting for its increment. Once the price gets increased. he used to sell it. All was going well till now. 

There was a time when the price of onion did not go up for a month and due to which onion was rotting and seeing all this, Arvind and Abhinay felt very devastated. Arvind was very sorry for his actions and he spoke to Abhinay.

Arvind - I am sorry dear. It's all happening because of me. I am guilty of my actions. I will never do it again. 

Abhinay - Don't say sorry dear! It's a business and sometimes we may suffer loss and sometimes we may gain profit but we should never be greedy.

Moral - Greed is bad. We should never be greed and always think well of everyone.

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