Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful For kids

Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful For kids

Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful For kids

In a village called Shyampur, a man named Sundar used to sell sugarcane juice. Due to his juice being very tasty, there was a crowd of people in his place. He had a friend in the same village whose name was Raghav. Raghav was looking for a business in the village. He saw that Sundar's business was going well, so he thought.

Sundar - Why don't I do the same business, my business will also work. 

Thinking this, Raghav puts his sugarcane juice shop in front of Sundar's shop. Due to his shop being new, customers also used to come less in number. After seeing all this, Raghav thinks in his mind.

Raghav - It has so many customers in his shop and nothing in my shop. It won't work, I have to do something.

Thinking the same, one day he goes to the Sundar's shop. 

Raghav - Hey brother, how are you?

Sundar - I am good. But when did you start this business?

Raghav - I thought that I would have to do something to run my daily livelihood, so I would do this business. 

Sundar - Very good. But this business is not less than anyone: if you work honestly, you get a lot of money in this too. 

Raghav - Yes brother I will work hard too.

By saying this, Raghav starts to look around and then his eyes go to the sugar cane kept outside Sundar's shop. Imagination came into his mind. The very next morning, Raghav wakes up and sprays a medicine on the sugarcane kept outside the Sundar's shop. After that, he goes to his shop. 

In a few minutes, it is morning and the customers are slowly reaching the Sundar's shop. Sundar would take out sugarcane juice and distribute it among many people, but today customers do not like the taste of juice. A customer speaks to Sundar.

Customer - Hey brother, what is mixed in this juice, the taste of this juice is different! 

Sundar - Hey brother, I have not mixed anything, I have always made the same way as I always do.

Due to that medicine, the sugarcane juice test had changed and now all the customers started going to Raghav's shop. Gradually, the customers of Sundar's shop became very less and he got into thinking.

Sundar - I make very good juice, yet the customers at my shop suddenly decreased. Before Raghav's arrival here, my business was going well, but after his arrival, my business has stopped. 

Sundar starts thinking and then he has imagination in his mind. The next morning he changes his disguise and goes to Raghav's shop and drinks sugarcane juice. Then he came to know.

Sundar - There is water mixed in its juice, yet people come here.

Sundar tells this thing to some villagers and slowly it spreads to everyone's ears. So that in a few days, Raghav's customers are reduced and he is now thinking.

Raghav - How did the number of customers is decreasing at my shop? What does Sundar do now?

This is how he goes to see Sundar's shop. He sees that there is a board in front of his shop. It is written on that board that sugarcane juice for only ten rupees and that too without water. On seeing this, Raghav is shocked and in his mind, he starts jealousy with Sundar. After this, he makes a plan in his mind and this time Raghav hires another man Puneet in his plan. 

Raghav - You have to do an important thing for me, can you do it?

Puneet - Yes sir, I will do it for you.

Raghav - Tonight goes to Sundar's shop and steals the sugarcane juice dispenser machine.

Puneet - Ok sir. 

Puneet goes to Sundar's shop that night and he steals the machine and hides it in Raghav's house. 

Raghav - Have you did your work properly?

Puneet - Yes sir.

The next day when Mohan goes to his shop, he comes to know that his juice machine has been stolen. Sundar starts doubting on Raghav. He went to the police station and filed a complaint against him. Police checks everywhere but they get nothing. Sundar speaks to the police inspector.

Sundar - I have doubts about Raghav.

Police - Well, Don't worry. We shall search his house as well.

Saying this, the police are very keen to search Raghav's house. All of them went there. Raghav speaks to the police inspector.

Raghav - Sir, I did nothing. Trust me.

Police - We will see all that later, first we have to search your house.

After this, all the police search his house and they find Sundar's machine there. After this the police arrested Raghav. Sundar speaks to Raghav.

Sundar - Why did you do this?

Raghav - After seeing your business, I started jealousy of you and my greed increased. That's why I did this.

Sundar - Please take it with you, sir!

After this Police arrest Raghav and put him behind the bars. On the other hand, Mohan starts doing his business again and takes great care of it. Slowly and steadily he earns a very good profit from it. 

Moral - We should never be greed because greed is bad.

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