Top Interesting Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Friends, this is the story of a moneylender named Abdulla: who was very greedy and sly. But one day three travelers taught a wealthy lesson to that moneylender, and to know what that lesson was, you should read this story till the end. 

There used to be a moneylender named Abdullah in Jigdar city who was very greedy and wicked who used to give loan to people but he also used to charge interest. A poor farmer named Mirza had borrowed some loan from him which he had not paid him. One day Mirza comes to him and speaks to him.

Mirza - Sir, please give me some time more, I will repay you all in one month. 

Abdulla - No, It can't be, I want my money tomorrow or else I will auction you the whole house. Now go from here, I have work.

Poor Mirza leaves there disappointed. Three travelers from that city, Sudhir, Munir, and Zubir had heard this, they talk among themselves. 

Sudhir - This moneylender looks bad, he is robbing the needy people for his benefit.

Munir - Let's teach him a lesson.

They all made a plan among themselves. A friend of his, Sudhir, reached the moneylender with a very weak donkey. Sudhir speaks to Abdulla.

Sudhir - Hey sir, I have one thousand rupees note with me. Can you give me its change?

Abdulla - Yes, why not but I will deduct some amount from it. 

Sudhir - Ok sir. No problem.

A Greedy Shopkeeper

Abdulla gives him its change. Sudhir starts counting that money and then both of his friends come there. Seeing that donkey, Munir speaks to Zubir.

Munir - Hey Zubir, it looks like the same donkey which we were looking for. 

Zubir - Are you sure that the donkey we wanted to buy is the same?

Munir - Yes, I'm sure, let's talk to him.

After this, both of them go close to Sudhir and talk to him. 

Munir - Hey sir, we wanted to buy your donkey. We will give you five thousand rupees for it.

Abdulla was shocked to hear that passenger. Abdulla thinks of himself.

Abdulla - Five thousand rupees! The price of this weak donkey will be less than a thousand rupees, then why do they want to buy it for five thousand rupees? 

Abdulla was surprised to hear this and he started listening to their conversation very sincerely.

Sudhir - No, I don't want to sell my donkey even if you give me ten thousand rupees for it. 

Munir - Come on, Okay then it's neither me nor yours let's close this deal for twenty thousand rupees. 

Abdulla gets shocked after listening to him. He comes close to both of them.

Abdulla - Hey sir, this donkey is very weak. I have two big and strong donkeys. I will give you both of them for ten thousand rupees only.  

Foolish farmer and Intelligent Kids

Hearing this from Abdulla, both of them start laughing, and then Munir speaks.

Munir - You do not know the real value of that donkey: So you are talking like this.

Zubir - No brother. All we need is that donkey only. 

After this, they offer some more to Sudhir.

Munir - Look, brother, last time we are asking you. I shall give you thirty thousand rupees for it.

Sudhir - I will not take a single penny less than fifty thousand rupees. If you want to tell me or else measure your way.

Zubir - Fifty thousand rupees! Hey, this donkey is old and I don't know when he will die.

Sudhir - How dar you to speak my donkey like this. I will not sell it to you now. 

Abdulla hears all this and speaks to that donkey owner. 

Abdulla - Hey brother you are getting such a good price and why don't you sell it? 

Sudhir - Because he is not an ordinary donkey. He is a magical donkey.

Abdulla - Magical donkey! What is so unique in this donkey? 

Sudhir - No, I will not tell you about it.

Abdulla gets even more upset after hearing this and he is now come closer to those two passengers. 

The Greedy Businessman

Abdulla - Hey brother, tell me also, what is the matter that you want to pay so much money for this weak donkey? 

Munir - Ok sir, I am telling you the secret behind this but you don't tell to anyone. This donkey tells about the secret of gold buried inside the earth. 

Abdulla - Really!

Zubir - Yes sir! Now that we have already told you the secret, you can also help us.

Abdulla - What type of help!

Munir - Look sir, this donkey owner will not sell his donkey to us. Now you buy that donkey from him and after that, we shall buy it from you. In return for helping us, we will give you five thousand rupees more separately. 

Abdulla liked this deal and he bought the donkey from the donkey owner for fifty thousand rupees. After this, the two travelers come nearer to Abdulla. Abdulla speaks to them.

Abdulla - Look, sir, Now you have to give me one lakh rupees for this donkey. If you want to tell me otherwise I was thinking that I can keep this donkey.

Hearing this from Abdullah, Zubir speaks to Munir.

Zubir - Are you sure that this is the same donkey that we wanted to buy?

Munir - No this is not the same donkey. 

Miunir speaks to Abdulla.

Munir - Well sir, We don't want this donkey. Now you can keep this donkey with yourself.

Hearing this from both of them, the ground slipped under Abdullah's feet. Abdulla gets angry on hearing this and he speaks to both of them.

Abdulla - How could you say this? I bought this donkey only after your words. You also promised to give five thousand rupees separately for helping you. Now you take this donkey from me and give me my money. 

Munir - We have already spoken to you sir that we don't want this donkey and now keep this donkey with yourself. Now we are leaving.

Abdulla gets angry and shouts. 

Abdulla - You guys can't do this to me. 

Seeing Abdulla screaming like this, everyone starts laughing. Abdullah realizes his foolishness and goes out of shame. After that, all those travelers come to the house of that poor farmer Mirza and put some money in his hand. Sudhir speaks to Mirza.

Sudhir - With this money, you repay that money lender and start a new life. 

Mirza - Thank you so much, sir! May God bless you forever. 

So, friends, you saw how a donkey, which could have cost only one thousand rupees, yet the moneylender bought the same donkey for fifty thousand rupees, it was the result of his greed.

Moral - A person loses his discretion in greed. So we should never be greed.

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