Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

There was a very beautiful village named Lotakpur situated on the banks of Ketari lake. In that village, a person named Chinappa lived with his wife Kutipa and his son Jotupa. He had a small business selling coconut water. He was doing this business for many years. 

Due to the sweet words of Chinappa, more tourists used to come to his shop for drinking coconut water. He also got good profits from this business. Chinappa was very happy with his earnings and he used to give the money earned to his wife every day after coming home. Similarly, one-day Chinnapa comes home in the evening and speaks to his wife.

Chinappa - Dear, take this money and purchase some clothes for you and our son.

Kutipa - Okay dear. I will deposit some money into the bank and the rest I will buy some clothes for our son. 

Chinappa himself was not well educated so he wanted to study his son well and become a doctor. In this way, now his good times were coming out. And now the monsoon started. One day Chinappa speaks to Kutipa.

Chinappa - The coconut stock is going to end so today I go and get some coconut from the tree. 

Kutipa - Dear, It is still rainy season and there is no tourist even now: why should you climb the tree now? Now there will be crushed on the tree and you might get hurt as well. 

Chinappa - Hey dear! When did you get scared? You are a wife of a coconut seller and you are not supposed to scare while climbing the tree. I will be back in some time.

Kutipa tries to stop him yet Chinappa goes out into the woods. There he climbs a coconut tree. When Chinappa reaches half the height of that tree, only then the strong wind blows, and due to which, his foot slips and he falls. Chinappa suffers a serious injury due to falling, after which villagers take him to the hospital. Chinappa dies in this incident and Kutipa faces a great problem due to it. Kutipa was sitting at home crying and thinking in her mind.

Kutipa - Now I have to fulfill the dream of Chinappa. I will fulfill his dreams. I will make my son a great doctor. 

Since that day, Kutipa started selling coconut herself in the market. But due to heavy rains, the number of tourists was reduced considerably. Kutipa thinks of herself.

Kutipa - How will I fulfill Chinappa's dream in such a small amount of money? I will have to think something different. 

One day Irawati, the younger sister of Kutipa, comes to meet her. She brings coconut sweets for the children. Irawati asks her sister.

Irawati - Hey sister you look so tired! How are you?

Kutipa - I want to fulfill Chinappa's dream and that's why have to work very hard. 

Kutipa's son Jotupa speaks to her mother. 

Jotupa - Mom I eat aunt's made coconut sweets but it doesn't taste like you. 

Listen to Jotupa, there is an idea that came into Iravati's mind. She speaks to Kutipa.

Iravati - Instead of selling this coconut, you sell this coconut sweet, your hands taste very good. Have you forgotten, the whole village had to make sweets for you. People used to make your handmade sweet at every festival.

Hearing Iravati, Jotupa thinks in her mind.

Kutipa - IRA is telling the truth, I did not think this thing, and anyway I can try. 

The very next day Kutipa makes some coconut sweets and keeps them at her shop to sell. For a few days, no one showed any interest and that made Jotupa a bit disappointed. Kutipa thinks in her mind.

Kutipa - Nobody is buying sweets, I have to do something different. 

After the end of the day, Jotupa comes home with a box of sweets and sits down in the house feeling sad. Seeing the mother sad, Jotupa comes to her and speaks to her. 

Jotupa - Mom, what happened? You look a little upset. 

Kutipa - Nothing dear. I am good. You eat and go to sleep and tomorrow I give you idli sambar in school tiffin. 

Jotupa - Mom, Now do not give me tiffin from tomorrow, all the children in school will get nutritious Polenta free from the government tomorrow.

Kutipa - But this plan was stopped because no one had removed it.

Jotupa - Yes mom, but my teacher gave everyone a little bit of Polenta, and then all those students who were doing tantrums without taste it, all liked it.

Listen to Jotupa, an idea came into Kutipa's mind. The very next day he gave customers a taste of coconut water as well as a piece of sweets for all of them. Due to less rain, the number of tourists was still increasing. All of them tasted his sweets and they all liked him very much and now they started buying sweets too. 

In this way Jotupa's simple idea became successful. And within a few days, she started earning well from coconut sweets. Gradually, she stopped selling coconut water and hire four women for her help, and started making sweets. In a few days, her coconut sweets became very famous. One day a rich businessman Lopuka comes to his shop and speaks to her.

Lopuka - Your sweets are very tasty. Would you like to deliver coconut sweets for my shop which is in the city? It requires forty kg of sweets in a shop and I have five shops in the city. Are you ready to do it for my shop?

Kutipa - Yes definitely sir!

In this way, Kotupa achieves success very soon. After this, her small house now turns into a beautiful bungalow and she makes her sn a very good doctor. 

Moral - We should never be disappointed. We should always trust in our hard work and dedication. 

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