Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

Top Interesting Motivational Bedtime Best Moral Stories Useful For Childrens

Friends, this is the story of a greedy landlord Ketuk of Chandanpur village. All the villagers of that villager were very upset because of the landlord. Once there was a drought in the village, due to which the water everywhere was over and all the people got frustrated. In the same village, there was also a sensible young man named Sudhir, who, with his wisdom, solved all those problems. And to know how he did it, please read this story till the end.

There used to be a headman named Ketuk in the village named Chandanpur, he was very rich. But he was also very selfish, he had a passion for collecting more money for himself. He only meant by himself, so he had nothing to do with Villagers' trouble.

There were two wells in the village in which the village chief had taken control of one of them and he did not allow the others to fill their utensils from it and the other well was for all the villagers. It was a matter of time that the village got hurt due to the lack of rain, and the villagers' crops also became very fragile.

Due to the drought, all the villagers of that village were disillusioned with even a drop of water. They were not able to understand anything now, how to live his life now. They did not have any hope from their head, yet they take their problems and go to that head. One of the villagers speaks to the village chief.

Villagers - Sir, due to drought this year, all our crops have also deteriorated and due to lack of water, our situation has become worse. Please do something for us.

Chief - So what would I do?

Villagers - Sir, we tried a lot more than other people to get water from our neighbor village, and it was far away from here, but the village chief refused to take us water there. Please dig a new well for us.

Chief - What! Have you all gone mad?

Villagers - Sir, if you will not help us in this time of trouble, then whom should we go to?

Chief - Do you also know how much money is spent on carving a well? If it was a matter of some money, I would have thought once, but I am not able to spend so much money for a well. Go and managed by yourself.

On hearing this Chief, all the villagers get quite upset and they all go away from there sadly. In the same village, there lived a sensible and educated man named Sudhir. When he understood this problem of Villagers, he would go to the chief alone. Once he reaches the chief house, he speaks to the village chief.

Sudhir - Sir, why don't you do something to solve Villager's problem? 

Chief - I have no money: to help you all. 

Sudhir - Sir, you must have got funds for village problems from Govt, you help us with that money. 

Chief - Which type of fund you are demanding for? I have not received any such funds from the government. Now go from here and do it whatever you can!

On hearing the Chief, Sudhir understands that he is not going to help us and he will have to do something. After this, he went away from there. The very next day, he would call all the villagers and talk to them.

Sudhir - See, we have to find a solution to our problem together. The chief will not help us. It takes a lot of money to carve a new well and that is why none of us can do it alone. All of you have as much money as you can collect in one place, we will have to get a well carved for all of us.

All the villagers agreed with Sudhir's proposal and they gave as much as they can. From the very next day, well excavation work starts in the village. While digging, a big stone falls into the ground, which all villagers get nervous about seeing.

Villagers - Now we have to spend more money to cut this stone, but all of us had nothing left now and in such a way how will we be able to do the work ahead! 

Everyone was upset thinking this. Sudhir devises an idea to solve their problems. That night, Sudhir goes to the place where the excavation work was going to take place. He spills a lot of oil on that stone and leaves it. The next day all villagers go to that excavated place for work and Sudhir also go with them. 

They all see that oil is coming out from the side of the stone and Sudhir tells this to all the villagers. Seeing this, it spread to the whole village and it reaches the ears of the Chief. Hearing the talk of oil, the chief goes to that excavated place and sees oil-filled there. He thinks in his mind.

Chief - I get this excavation done and I will get a lot of oil from here, which I will become very rich by selling.

Thinking like this he speaks to the villagers.

Chief - Brothers, all of you are very hardworking, and seeing you all in this way has opened my eyes. Not all of you will have money, so I will get this work done for you. 

All the villagers accepted the chief's proposal. From the very next day onwards the chief spends a lot of money and hires fifty more workers there for digging. After digging for the whole day, water starts coming in from there, and seeing this happen, all the villagers get overwhelmed. On seeing the water coming in place of oil, the Chief's face goes down and he regrets his actions.

Moral - We should always act wisely in times of trouble. 

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