Top Interesting Bedtime Good Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Bedtime Good Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Bedtime Good Moral Stories Useful For Kids

In the village called Radhapur, a girl named Shraddha lived with her mother Sumati and father Ram. Those people were poor but their family was small and prosperous. Shraddha had a friend whose name was Sejal. Sejal was very rich and he was very proud of his rich belt. 

Sejal's mother's name was Seema and his father's name was Shyam. Shyam was a big businessman and hence he was always outside in connection with work. Sejal's mother also used to go out with her friends. Sejal had no value for money because of being rich. One day Shraddha was walking to her college and then Sejal's car stopped coming in front of her. Sejal speaks to Sraddha.

Sejal - Hey, where are you going?

Sraddha - I am going to school and where are you going?

Sejal - I am also going that way. Let's come and seat in my car. Anyway, you are not capable to sit in this car. So let's come inside. 

Shraddha feels very bad hearing this and she speaks to Sejal.

Sraddha - I have to take some things to take home now only after I keep it in the house, I will go to college, you go ahead. 

Sejal - As you wish! I am going.

Sejal always used to insult someone or other and on one such day, she speaks to the maid Sunita who works in her home. 

Sejal - Hey Sunita how much your clothes are torn: and you will not even have money to buy new clothes. 

Sunita - Madam, we are happy with what we get. 

Sejal - Hey how is it possible? You are poor and you cannot afford to buy a new one for yourself.

Sunita - Madam, You are making fun of me, I did not ask you anything. Anyways I am going, mam.

Saying this Sunita went away. Similarly, Sajal used to make fun of everyone's poverty. One day a boy was crossing the road in front of his colleagues and he was looking elsewhere. He did not care about vehicles coming in the way. Sejal ignores him too and only then does Shraddha look at the boy. She goes to the boy and helps him. sraddha speaks to Sejal.

Sraddha - Sejal, why did you ignore that boy? He might be in some trouble.

Sejal - Why do I care?

Sraddha - It is difficult to talk to you.

Sejal - Do not talk then.

Saying this Sejal went away. On the same day, his father gets a very big loss in business and due to that loss, his bad days start. Their bungalow gets auctioned and they all start living in a small rented house. Seeing all this One-day Sejal speaks to her father.

Sejal - Till date I lived like a Princess and now what trouble has God brought us? I don't understand anything.

Shyam - Don't worry dear. Everyone has to go through difficult times and today we are facing. Everything will be alright very soon.

Seema - Everything will be fine in a few days dear.

Now they all started living a life of poverty and now they had no servants working there. Sejal had to do a lot of work now. Now Sejal will feel ashamed at the abuse done to the poor. Sejal now began to treat her friend Sraddha very well. One day Sraddha speaks to her father.

Sraddha - Dad, Can you help Shyam Uncle's business again with the help of your boss?

Ram - Dear, Do you know how those people used to treat people before?

Sraddha - Dad, you only say that once a person makes a mistake, but he should be given a chance to improve a second time. 

Ram - Ok dear. I will talk to my boss.

The next Day Ram talks to his boss about this. 

Ram - Sir, I want to talk to you.

Boss - Tell me what to talk, Ram!

Ram - Sir, one of my younger friends: Shyam has suffered a huge loss in his business. Can you help him?

Boss - Yes, I will help him but I need a certain partnership in his business.

Ram - No problem sir, he won't deny.

The next day Ram went to Shyam's house to tell them this good news.

Ram - Hey dear Shyam, I asked my boss about your business and he is ready to help you but he needs a certain partnership in your business.

Shyam - Thanks a lot dear. I am ready for it.

Ram - Ok, I will inform him.

Saying this Ram went away. Ram's boss helps Shyam a lot in his business and after a few days, Shayam returns to live his old life. Now a lot of changes come to Sejal's nature and she stops making fun of the poor. In this way, they all start living well.

Moral - We should not boast of our richness and respect all. 

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