Top Interesting Motivational good Moral Stories Useful for Teenagers

Top Interesting Motivational good Moral Stories Useful for Teenagers

Top Interesting Motivational good Moral Stories Useful for Teenagers

A man named Sachin lived in a village named Shyamalpur. He had a lot of farming, but he did not know how to do well with farming. His wife Savita was a very intelligent woman. Both of them used to live an ordinary life. Savita and Sachin were responsible citizens and always helped Villagers. 

They had a daughter named Rehana and a son named Kisan. Both of them were very intelligent as they always topped in the school. One such day Sachin was thinking outside his house.

Sachin - What can be done so that I can enrich my farming!

Suddenly Rehana came there and speaks to her father.

Rehana - What happened, dad? You are looking a little worried. What are you thinking?

Sachin - Dear, I was wondering how we can make our farming prosperous.!

Rehana - Dad, Can I give you a suggestion?

Sachin - Yes of course dear! Tell me.

Rehana - I was thinking that there is a lot of problem with milking in our village and we can make this problem our means.


Sachin - What do you mean dear!

Rehana - We can make a cowshed. We do have enough land empty where we can establish this cowshed. We can keep cows there and in this way, we can set up our own business. It will also help the other villagers in finding the milk.

Sachin - That's a great idea dear. I will work on your suggestions.

Saying this, Sachin goes home and talks to his wife Savita about this.

Sachin - Hey dear, Our daughter has removed one more problem from us. 

Savita - That's very good. But how!

Sachin - Rehana has suggested us to set up a cowshed on our empty farm. In this way, villager's problem of getting milk will also go away and we can set up our own business too.

Savita - Yes, your idea is true, but where will the money come from?

Sachin - We can take loans from the bank. I just go to the bank and look whether we shall get loans or not.

Saying this, Sachin goes to the bank and gives the application for the loan and comes back home. He thinks of himself.

Sachin - The sooner I buy the cow, the better it would be. But anyhow I may get the loans from the bank. 

A few days later he gets the loans from the bank. Sachin buys ten cows from the money received from the loan. He set up a big cowshed on his farm where he do proper arrangements for cow's food and shelter. Both Sachin and Sabitha together took care of their farming as well as cows. One day Sachi milked the milk of cows and went to sell it in dairy. 

Milkman - Hey brother, you came here today. Did you want milk?

Sachin - No brother! I have come to sell my cows milk, will you buy my cows milk every day? 

Milkman - Hey brother, why don't I just mean getting good milk. 

Sachin - I will surely bring good milk. There will be not any impurities in it. 

Milkman - Ok brother! If you bring good and pure milk, I shall buy it from you every day.

Sachin - Ok brother!

Saying this, Sachin came home. Rehan came to him and speaks to him.

Rehan -  I was thinking that our villager will get milk but how the other villager will get milk! We need to think about this.

Sachin - Yes dear. We must think about it later. 

In this way few days passed like this and some days later Diwali was about to come. The demand for milk is gradually increasing day by day and Sachin was unable to fulfill the demand for milk. Sachin was thinking that he needs to buy some more cows so that he may fulfill the demand for milk, so he speaks to his wife.

Sachin - Hey dear, I was thinking to buy some more cows as Diwali is approaching and day by day the demand for milk is gradually increasing day by day. But we don't have enough money to buy it.

Savita - I have some jewelry with me so why don't you keep that jewelry on the mortgage and bring the cows. Later we'll get them off.

Sachin - No dear, this is your marriage jewelry and I can't take it. 

Savita - Dear, I am not talking to you to sell them, when the money comes later you will get it. 

Sachin - Ok dear! 

Saying this Sachin went to the market and keep that jewelry on mortgages and buys two cows of it. One day Rehana speaks to her father.

Rehana - I have a very good idea. You will be happy when you listen. 

Sachin - Yes dear, tell me. 

Rehana - I was thinking that we may use our cow's urine and dung in a better way.

Sachin - But how dear!

Rehana - We can pack those cow urines in a sealed bottle and can make some unique gave, dung cakes from it.

Sachin - Ok dear! I will do the same.

The very next day Sachin made some changes in his cowshed and started collecting cows' urine in one place by putting pipes everywhere in the cowshed. He started making dung cakes and gave them to them. After this, Sachin and Savita went to the market and started selling all that.

Gradually his work also started going well. Gradually he made a lot of profit and Sachin now bought some more cows. In this way, he became a successful businessman from a common farmer with the help of his daughter and wife.

Moral - Never give up in life, and be wise in difficult circumstances.

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