Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful for Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful for Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Good Moral Stories Useful for Kids

There is a saying that whenever we dig a pit for someone else, we also get caught in it. This story is also of such a fruit vendor who greedily made a mistake that he should not have made. Now to know what that mistake was, you must read this story till the end. 

Sambhuram was a very big businessman of fruits. Mango season was going on, so there was always a crowd at his shop to buy mangoes. One day a lot of mango boxes were kept in a big truck. A man named Rohan comes to his shop and asks.

Rohan - Hey brother where these all mangoes are about to go. 

Sambhuram - I am sending these goods to the city, I also have a mango juice factory in the city.

Rohan - Oh, that's great. In such a situation, will we get to buy mangoes today or not.

Sambhuram - Yes, of course! Tell me how many mango boxes do you want?

Rohan - No brother! I was looking for one dozen mangoes only.

Sambhuram - Just one dozen! Ok, wait I shall give you.

After this Sambhuram called his assistant Sudhir and informed him to pack a dozen of mangoes for him. Sambhuram always used to engage himself with big customers and always thought of making money. After a few days, a man named Mohan is at his shop to buy mangoes.

Mohan - Hello1 Give me two dozen mangoes.

Sambhuram - Two dozen only! Take some more brother. Just have a look at the mangoes which are imported ones.

Mohan - Okay brother give me four dozens of mangoes then.

Sambhuram was a very clever and greedy man and he used to sell the common mangoes as imported ones and used to sold them for a higher price. One day Sudhir is outside shouting from the warehouse and speaks to Sambhuram.

Sambhuram - Hey, What happened? Why are you shouting so loudly?

Sudhir - Sir, twenty-five boxes of mangoes got rotten in our warehouse. I think we should throw that mango.

Sambhuram - What! Twenty-five boxes of mangoes got rotten.

Sudhir - Yes sir! 

After this, both of them run to the warehouse and see their goods. Sudhir speaks to Smabhuram.

Sudhir - See sir, We should throw this mango as soon as possible.

Sambhuram - Are you mad! If we throw so much mango, how much loss will we have! 

Sudhir - But sir, they are rotten ones and they are of no use to us. 

Sambhuram - No, don't throw it. Send it to our mango factory. There it will be extracted properly and it will be a good and healthy juice though. 

After that, the mango is packed and sent to the factory and it is made juice from that rotten mangoes. Once the juice packets get ready, they are taken to the market for selling. Some of the customers buy them too. One day a customer buys a packet of 100 juices that his child's birthday is kept and he has to distribute juice to all the children in school. 

Juices are distributed to all the children in the school, Sambhuram's son also studies in the same school and he also drinks the same juice. After drinking that juice, all the children fall ill and all the children are admitted to the hospital. The doctor sends the juice to the lab for examination. Hearing his son's illness, Sambhuram immediately runs to the hospital. The doctor speaks to Sambhuram.

Doctor - This condition of these children happened due to drinking bad juice which was prepared in your factory. 

Speaking like this the doctor went away from there and Smbhuram thinks of himself.

Sambhuram - What have I done, I have made a big mistake, how will I be able to live with the burden of this sin. Oh, God! Please forgive me, Do not punish my child for my crime, I will never make such a mistake again. 

After this Sambhuram confesses his crime to the police and the police arrest him. 

So, friends, you saw that Sambhuram realized his mistake when his family members were harmed. Sambhuram's increasing greed was responsible for his ruin. 

Moral - It is wrong to play with someone's life for our own benefit, we should never take any action that will hurt others. 

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