Top Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

Top Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids  

Top Interesting Motivational Best Moral Stories Useful For Kids

This story is based on two good friends Varun and Dhawan. Both of them were good in study. Dhawan always topped the class and Varun always remained second. But once Dhawan's get the second position and Varun topped the class. Dhawan was not ready to accept this defeat and in such concern, he broke his friendship with Varun. To know what happens next, read our story to the end.

Both Varun and Dhawan were deep friends of each other. They always used to help each other. Varun's father was a poor vegetable seller and Dhawan's father was a rich businessman. Both of them used to go to school together and both were good in their studies. Dhawan always topped the class and Varun gets the second position. 

Dhawan was rich but he was not proud of it. But even then there was a problem, he used to get angry quickly. On the other hand, Varun's behavior was quite good and well mannered. Once the class exam is done, the teacher comes to the class to tell the result.

Teacher - Dear child, Dhawan always used to top the class but this time the result is quite unfamiliar. This time Dhawan get the second position and Varun topped the class. We should congratulate him on his success. 

After this, all the children clapped and congratulate Varun. Varun was very happy with his success and Dhawan was very angry as he was not ready to digest his defeat. The next Day Dhawan was alone sitting near the sea beach. Varun came there and asked.

Varun - Hey Dhawan, why are you sitting alone here? Let's take bath in the sea and have some fun.

Dhawan - I don't want to talk to you. You grabbed the first position by cheating. 

Varun - What are you talking Dhawan? You know it very well that I never cheat. 

Varun is saddened by these bitter words of Dhawan. He starts writing something on the sand. 

"Today Dhawan quarreled with me and called me a cheater"

After writing this Varun went away. After reading those words written by Varun, Dhawan feels guilty about himself and starts thinking.

Dhawan - I did not do it well, Varun is a good friend of mine and he never cheats. He grabbed the first position with his hard work. I should be happy and congratulate him on his success like he always used to congratulate me on my success. And what I did, I called him a cheater. It seems Varun will never forgive me. 

Dhawan was thinking all this and then suddenly there was a stampede. People shout louder - Hey that baby will drown, someone, saves him. After this, Dhawan goes ahead and sees that Varun was drowning in that sea. Seeing his friend drowning, he is running and he jumps fast and jumps into the sea and moving ahead towards Varun.

Dhawan - Don't worry Varun. I am coming to you. Don't give up.

After this Dhawan took Varun out of the sea. Now Varun speaks to Dhawan.

Varun - Thanks, dear! I will never forget your favor. 

Dhawan - Varun I want to apologize to you. I was angry at that time and misbehaved with you. 

Listening to Dhawan, Varun smiles and he takes him near a big stone. Varun starts writing something on that big stone. 

Dhawan - What are you doing Varun? You wrote something on sand even when I fought with you some time ago and now on this stone, why so. 

Varun - That is because which memories to store, and which ones to erase, we have to decide it. 

Dhawan - I don't understaand!

Varun - I forgot the bitter thing you said to me. And yet those words written on sand must have disappeared in the flow of water. But now the words I am writing on these are not going to disappear so easily. Because this is a good memory and I want to keep it forever. Now, do you understand!

Those words were -

"Today Dhawan saved my life and apologized to me"

Dhawan - Wow what a big thing you said! I shall remember your words forever. 

Varun - Sometimes someone should apologize and sometimes someone should forgive. That's why relationships get stronger. 

Dhawan - You are my true friend Varun! 

Varun - You too! Let's go home now!

Dhawan - Just one minute!

After this Dhawan wrote some of his memories on the stone.

"We will always be each other's, true friend".

Saw friends Dhawan apologized to Varun and reinforced their friendship. On the other hand, Varun also forgave Dhawan and saved this friendship from breaking up. 

Moral - We should rectify each other's mistakes and make the relationship stronger.

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