Best interesting short good moral stories useful for kids

 Best interesting short good moral stories useful for kids 

Best interesting short good moral stories useful for kids

In one village, a woman named Vimala lived with her son Roshan and daughter-in-law Seema. Vimala's husband had died, leaving all responsibility to her son Roshan. But due to lack of work for Roshan in the villages, poverty and his trouble kept increasing. Vimala's daughter-in-law Seema was very greedy and selfish. One day Seema told her husband.

Seema - Nothing is kept in this village, we should go to the city. Only then our conditions will improve or else we will have to die of hunger here. 

Raushan - But how will mother alone be able to live in this village?


Seema - Oh don't worry about your mother. When you get the job, we will send the money to the mother. 

In this way, Roshan left his mother alone and went with his wife Seema. Even after several months, no news of it came. Vimala falls alone after her son and daughter-in-law are going. Vimala wandered everywhere to feed her. She was forced to live by begging. She would always wait for her son to come back, but neither her news nor any money came.

Begging in Vimala temples and railway station, but she does not get much money and many days she had to sleep hungry. Vimala's voice was melodious and she had the pleasure of singing. So he started begging to sing. Later many people gathered to listen to Vimala's song. 

Going to Vimala would have entertained the people well and Vimala used to get some good money in begging. Now Vimala used to sing the song at the railway station and she would get that two-time meal too. One day Vimala was singing a song at the railway station when a gentleman whose name was Alok came to her.

Alok was a film director, he was shocked to hear Vimala's melodious voice. He came nearer to Vimala and speaks her.

Alok - Mother, I heard your song, your voice is very melodious. I want you to sing in my new film. I was looking for a new voice just like you. 

Hearing this, Vimala's tears welled up. Alok took Vimla with him to the city where Vimala sang in Alok's new movie. Vimala got a huge amount of money in return. Vimala's sung song was heard everywhere. Everyone's liked Vimala's song very much. She became very famous everywhere. 

Vimala's life had changed completely now. She became a famous singer from a beggar. She was shown everywhere on television and in the newspaper. One day, when Gauri saw her mother-in-law Vimala on television, her eye was torn. The greed for money woke up in her mind and she immediately told this to her husband Raushan. 

Gauri - See your mother is on TV and now she has become quite famous and rich. How many years have passed since we did not meet the mother and now we should go to her? After all, who is he but us?

Raushan - Yes, you are right.

Raushan and Gauri reach Vimala where she lived in a big bungalow. Security guards prevent them both from entering. In this way, Vimala heard the voice of her son Raushan and immediately came out. And seeing his son, Vimala's eyes burst into tears. She hugged his son and said crying, my son you remembered me today. 

Vimala - I miss you every day, saying this she started crying.

Seeing such a mother's love, both Roshan and Gauri regret their mistakes. They both apologized with folded hands. Nothing is more important for a mother than the happiness of her children. So Vimala forgives them and hugs them.

Moral - Nothing is more important in the world than the mother's happiness. So we should never leave our selfishness and leave our parents alone and helpless. 

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