Incredible bedtime stories for kids in English to read

 Incredible bedtime stories for kids in English to read

Incredible bedtime stories for kids in English to read

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a King Brailor with his lovely Queen, Breeza. Brailor was loved by his entire kingdom for being kind and just. But his wife was greatly despised as she was extremely impatient. 

Queen - She is asking his assistant you are taking too long time to braid my hair! 

Assistant - I am sorry your highness. But this hairstyle is quite complex. 

Queen - How dare you to speak back to the Queen! Leave this Palace at once. 

Suddenly the King came to visit his Queen.

King - Oh Breeza! Why did you do that? She was trying very hard. 

Queen - She was not quick enough. 

King - You must be patient, love. 

At times, the Queen's impatience would ruin the peace and the poor King hurriedly try to recover the situation. 

King - Breeza, you should not have spoken to the Ministers that way. 

Queen - They were so slow with their words. They need to speak faster. 

King - Hahaha! Any faster and I would not understand them. Here Breeza, I have got something you love. He offered Lillies to his wife.

Queen - Lilies! My favorite! 

King Brailor wondered how to make his wife understand to be patient. 

One day, the King roamed about, pondering deeply about Breeza. 

King - I don't understand. She was so much nicer and kinder before marrying me. Yes she was impatient then too but now it's just getting worse and she seems to be getting meaner. She changed right after becoming Queen. 

Suddenly the King saw a baby in the basket at the bank of the river.

King - A baby? Where did you come from? Oh, you poor thing! Let's take you home. 

Queen asking his servants, "Seriously, Where is the king?" He is been out for ages! 

Servant - But it's only been ten minutes. 

Queen - What? Did you just talk back? 

Suddenly the king entered the kingdom and met his Queen.

King - Breeza! Look! I found a baby floating in the stream. 

Queen - A baby? But how did? 

Queen found a note from the baby's clothes. He starts reading "To whoever finds my baby, please take care of her." The couple was greatly baffled. But the King adored the little child and decided to bring her up in the Palace. 

King - You shall be named Lyna.

Lyna grew up day by day and she always follows his father's instructions carefully. Lyna was such a warm and loving child. And over the years soon grew to be a lovely young woman. 

One day servants were discussing something and saying She is so kind. Don't you think she should wear the Legendary crown? Another servant said, keep quiet, if the Queen hears you, she will throw us in the dungeons. More work, less gossip you silly girl. 

Indeed, there was a special crown kept in the Palace. It was known that the crown would glow and grant magical powers to the person worthy of it. But it had not glowed for many years. This had angered the Queen.

One day, Lyna mischievously started to examine the entire Palace. Wondering around, she came to a forbidden tower. 

Lyna - Wow! This place sure is Loong! OOH! What is this huge door? 

She went and pushed the mysterious door with all her might. 

Lyna reached the place where the mysterious crown was kept. 

Lyna - Why is there a crown here? 

As she stared and drew closer, the crown suddenly started to glow. She was mesmerized by it but was too scared to touch it. 

Lyna - I would better tell mother and father about this. 

Lyna went to his father and mother.

Lyna - Father! Mother! I just came from the forbidden tower! 

King - Lyna! I have told you to stay away from there!

Lyna - But there's a crown there! And it glows!

Lyna told them all that had happened. 

King - It glowed! Oh, I am so happy for you! 

Lyna - Oh! I don't understand!

King - Haha! I will tell you when you are a little older. 

While the King was ecstatic, the Queen looked on, angrily. That night the Queen snuck out of the Palace and went to see a magician, whom she knew. 

Magician - I know why you are here. It's because the crown has glowed, hasn't it? 

Queen - What do I do? 

Magician - Don't worry deary, I have prepared this ring for you to put on your husband's finger. The magic inside will make him hate her and ruin everything she makes him touch. 

Breeza nodded and soon left the place. The next day, she went to her husband and slipped the ring on his finger. 

King - Oh! What is this lovely thing? 

Queen - Just a small gift from me. 

Lyna came there. King Brailor glanced at Lyna and winced. The magic had already started working and her very voice irritated him. 

Lyna - Oh! I am sorry. I just wanted you to taste this cake I baked. 

King - It's so salty! How could you give me something like this? 

Lyna - What? It tastes so sweet to me. 

Queen - And then she lilies. Haha! 

The magic in the ring had caused the sweet cake to taste otherwise. In the same way, it ruined everything that Lyna gave the king and made him hate Lyna all the more. Over the days. poor Lyna would find herself ignored by the Queen and hated by the King. So after a while, she would usually be alone. 

Lyna - Maybe they are having a difficult time ruling the Kingdom. I will just stay out of their way until they feel better. 

On one such lonely day, she visited the room where the Legendary crown lay. 

Lyna - It's a very pretty crown. I wonder what it will look like on me. It's really beautiful.

Suddenly the crown blinks and says I shall only be worn by the worthy. 

Lyna - Who are you? 

Crown - I am the Legendary crown that answers whatever you wish to know. 

Lyna - Oh well. there's only one thing I want to know. And that's why are my parents so strange lately? 

And so the crown told Lyna everything about the magic ring and her mother. 

Lyna - So my father does not hate me. It's just a spell! But, my mother is, after the crown. 

Crown - No. It's not your mother who wants the crown, but the magician. Your mother is impatient yes, but she was still a wonderfully kind lady. 

The crown told Lyna that the magician had used Breeza's weakness against her. Thus, Breeza had been under the magician's spell all these years. The Magician wants to rule the kingdom through my powers. But they are too strong for her and so she wished to control me through Breeza. 

Lyna - But, how do we break the spell over mother? 

Crown - The Queen must break it herself by learning to be patient. 

Lyna thought for some time and suddenly had an idea.

Lyna - My mother loves Lilies. Maybe if she learns to grow them and must be patient with them. The speel will break! But how do I get them? 

Crown - Ask me and you shall receive it through my magic. 

Using the Crown's magic, Lyna created a garden of beautiful pink lilies. Later that day, the Queen passed by and saw the garden. She immediately fell in love with them and soon ordered her gardeners to care for them. So when Lyna came to see, she was unhappy to see, the helpers working in the garden, and not the Queen. 

Lyna - Oh No! That's not how it's supposed to be. 

Luckily for Lyna, the gardeners did not like Breeza and so did not bother to look after the Lilies carefully. So when Breeza next visited the garden, she was enraged to see some of the flowers withering. 

Breeza - If you can't look after the Lilies then I will do it. No one is allowed near them anymore!

And to Lyna's delight, the Queen was now seen working every day in the garden. It was difficult at first. And the Magician even tried t use her powers to make Breeza hate them. But Breeza's love was too strong that she could not get angry at them ever. Being patient with the flowers soon turned her to be patient with others too. Everyone soon noticed the change in Breeza and started to warm up to her. 

One day, Breeza was sitting in the garden, when Lyna came and joined her. 

Lyna - the Mother, have not the Lilies bloomed yet? 

Breeza - Well, as long as they are healthy. Thye will bloom in their own time. I can wait till then. 

And quite suddenly, the Queen fainted. 

Lyna - Oh noo mother! What happened to you?  Magic Crown, what's wrong with her? 

Crown - The spell has been broken. Now she will be fine. 

Just as the Crown had said, the Queen was completely fine the very next day. The first thing she did was to remove the ring from her husband's finger. The spell wore off immediately but the KIng had memories of what hap happened over the past few days. 

King - How could I have behaved that way to my sweet Lyna. And Breeza, I should have been more attentive! 

Breeza - Don't blame yourself, love. It's all over now. Let's forget everything. 

Lyna - I have something to give you mother.

Lyna raised her Crown and placed it on the Queen's head. It continued to glow. 

King - Seems like both of you are worthy of the Crown. 

Queen - I feel Lyna should have the Crown. She is truly worthy, as her patience has saved us all. 

And so the Kingdom was a joyful place once again. The Queen soon recovered and was known to be the most patient of all. The King was very happy to see this. He had banished the Magician so that she would never cause trouble to his Kingdom again. Lyna continued to be as sweet as ever. She taught everyone how patience is a great value and can bring about a huge change if you just learn to appreciate time and people. 

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