Famous bedtime stories for kids in English

Famous bedtime stories for kids in English

Famous bedtime stories for kids in English

Harish was a very poor cycle rickshaw driver. He used to do a lot of hard work just to earn his family livelihood till the whole day and night. After such a lot of hard work, he continued his son Mohan's education. Even Mohan was very hardworking, he used to pay full attention to his studies. 

Mohan dreamed that he must work in a very big company and make his parent's life more peaceful. In the evening when Mohan's father used to return home, then Mohan massaged his father's leg. At that time both of them likely to share their whole day's work.

Father - Today the head was so soaring.

Mohan - How many times I have asked you not to work in the soaring sun! 

Father - Yes! When you will get a job, I will surely stop driving the rickshaw! 

Years passed and today Mohan's graduation result was about to be declared.

Father - Take this Mohan, I have brought the newspaper now yo quickly tell us the good news! 

Mohan opened the newspaper and seeing his name in it he was very happy!

Mohan - Father I have passed in distinction! 

Father - Very good! I expected only from you! Now soon you will get a job too. 

Mother - Now eat some sweets! 

Mohan's small family was very happy today! They feel very proud to have a son like Mohan. Today they did a small celebration with their neighbors in the evening in their home. Everyone praised Mohan for his hard work and dedication.

After some days Mohan went for an interview in TPP transport, a very famous company. He was a little bit nervous as it was his first experience. After getting the multiple searches the interviewer was impressed. 

Interviewer - Very good you have a distinction. 

Mohan - Thank you, sir!

Interviewer - I have only one question, " Do you have computer knowledge?"

Mohan - No sir!

Interviewer - Oh no! We need someone with computer knowledge! Sorry, but we would not be able to offer you this job. You are a very bright child and you have a bright future ahead and I want you to be an employee in my company as you have a piece of very good knowledge but we need some practical experience candidate too for this post.

Mohan was saddened and walked out of TPP transport's office! While walking Mohan was thinking about a lot of different kinds of stuff. Now he could not understand how he would go to his house and show his face to his parents.

Mohan - What is the use of such hard work that I am unable to get a job? Now, what will happen to my mother and father's desires? 

Thinking about this Mohan reached the park bench and he sat there. And just then Mohan's uncle Balwant walked towards him. 

Balwant - What happened Mohan why are you sitting sadly here?

Mohan - Now what should I tell you, uncle. Mohan told him the whole incident.

Balwant - So that was the matter. Why are you stressing yourself, if not this you will surely get some other job! 

Mohan - But uncle me and my family had expectations from this job! 

Balwant - Hmm... not your standards but I surely have a job that can help you sustain your family. 

Mohan - I would be obliged if you could help me! 

Balwant - But you will have to drive a truck.

Mohan thought doing nothing and being a burden on father, it is better that I earn something and at least help him. After much thought, he speaks to Uncle.

Mohan - Okay uncle I will join from tomorrow.

And the very next day Mohan started driving the truck. Mohan was very hardworking, he did extra time from which he earned little extra money which he kept aside safely. Mohan bought a truck from the extra time money he saved for the last two years. 

His truck! Now seeing their son's success, Mohan's father and mother were very happy. Mohan continued the hard work, he never thought of any day or night and very soon he brought the second truck and then the third, and then the fourth, and then eight. It was his hard work and true dedication which makes him stand there at that time. 

Mohan built a huge business of it and within ten years Mohan opened a big company named Harish Transport after his father's name! It was a proud moment for his father as he never dreamt of such things in his entire life. Now the cycle rickshaw driver Harish used to move around in huge cars and used to live in a huge bungalow.

Maybe if Mohan might have got a job in the TPP transport company he would have been an officer but because he did not get the desired job he had to face more difficulties because of which Mohan is what he could never have thought. Where is a big company's office and where it is being the owner of a big company! 

Moral - This story teaches us that if we get what we desire in life then that is great but if we don't get then that's even better because you never know what is god's plan for us. 

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