Best short fairy tale good stories for children in English

 Best short fairy tale good stories for children in English 

Best short fairy tale good stories for children in English

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Harry. Harry loved to laze around, daydream, and take things easy. 

Harry's mother - Harry! Are not you done yet? Come down for breakfast! 

But Harry would take it so easy that he would end up wasting a lot of time. 

Harry's mother - The Bus is here! Hurry up and EAT! 

Harry liked to be in his world. No matter the time or place, he'd never fail to be daydreaming. Harry reached the school.

Harry's teacher - All right children! Today's lesson is going to be an important one so make sure you pay attention! Harry! that means you especially! Now everyone, turn your pages.

Harry - This class is so boring. I wish I could be sitting under that tree over there. Lay around, under the cool shade, and doing absolutely nothing. 


Harry starts daydreaming and suddenly he was astonished to find himself, no longer in his classroom, but in a beautiful magical place.


Harry - Where am I? Did I fall asleep again? Am I dreaming? Suddenly fairies came there.

Fairy - Oh no dear! You are not dreaming at all. Welcome, Harry! Welcome to the Garden of Deed. 

Harry - The Garden of Deed?

Fairy - Yes, it is a very special place where only a few and lucky children are allowed to visit! 

Harry - Wait! So, you are telling me, that I am not dreaming? Unbelievable.

Fairy - I am Florence! And this is Hazel!

Fairy Florence - You see, this garden has two sides. My side is a place where children can eat whatever they'd like to be and they never have to work. 

Harry - Wow! That sounds amazing! What about your side fairy Hazel?

Fairy Hazel - On my side, the children eat after a hard day's work. They exercise, play games, and learn a lot about nature too! 

Harry - They study! No way am I choosing that side! Fairy Florence's side sounds way better. 

And with that Harry happily turned and totted behind Florence as she led him into her garden. 

Harry - Oh wow! Is everything are here? I have never seen anything like this before. 

Fairy Florence - Go wherever you like! Oh and don't worry about any mess! They will clean it for you! Now go and eat whatever you wish to! 

Harry was so struck with everything! 

Harry - This is all so good! I can never get tired of this! 

Harry roamed around the whole place and ate so much as wanted. But soon when he had eaten too much, he started to feel sleepy. He saw a palace and he entered it.

Harry - I am tired. Those jelly beds look comfy. Ma be I will sleep on those. 

Suddenly Fairy Florence came there to visit Harry.

Fairy Florence - Hello Harry! Are you enjoying yourself? 

Harry - Very much Fairy Florence! But I am feeling a little sleepy so I thought I would go nap a little. 

Fairy Florence - Nap? Sleep? Oh dear nobody sleeps here! You are not allowed to. This is a place for only eating and enjoying yourself. 

Harry - But I am tired.

Fairy Florence - I can fix that here! Have this scrumptiolicious apple pie! It will keep you awake for the whole day. 

Harry - I don't want it. Saying this he ran away.

Fairy Florence - Harry wait! You still have not finished off the piece. 

Harry ran as fast as he could, out of her palace. Having eaten so much had made him extremely sluggish. 

Fairy Florence - Harry! Guards! After him! 

Guards came and stopped him.

Harry - No! Leave me alone. Please! don't take me! 

Fairy Florence - Oh1 Well, I won't now. You are on the other side of the line, see? Say, hiee to Hazel for me. Bye!

Harry was too tired and immediately fell off to sleep. After some time, he woke up fresh. 

Fairy Hazel - Hiee, Harry! I see you changed your mind! 

Harry - I did not! I want to go home! 

Fairy Hazel - But you can't go home! You can only choose between Florence's garden and mine. It's your choice you know. 

Harry looked over at Florence's side and gulped. He did not want to go back there. And since he could not go home, he decided to try Hazel's side. 

Harry - Fine, I will come with you. 

Fairy Hazel - Perfect! Come on! Oh, we are gonna have so much fun! I am sure, you are gonna love it. 

Harry roam around the garden for the full day.

Fairy Hazel - Are you finally enjoying yourself? 

Harry - I still wanna go home! 

Fairy Hazel - Do you know strawberries build up your immune system which helps fight away all the colds and dangerous diseases. Try one. I bet you will like it. 

Harry - I still wanna go home but this is so funny.

Fairy Hazel - Well now let's go and do some exercises! You know, some jumping, hopping, Hup two, three, four!

Harry - No! I am good at singing with fruits and veggies. So I will just go and play with the carrot. 

Fairy Hazel - Come on, green bean! We need to put some health into you! 

Hazel dragged Harry to a huge ground where all the children were playing games and sports. 

Fairy Hazel - Come on Hary! Let's jump! That's the spirit. Harry, why don't you try participating in the race? 

Harry - A race! No way fairy Hazel. This is the last thing you will get me to do. 

Fairy Hazel - Harry, you can do this. 

Harry - Oh no! How can I win the race? 

Fairy Hazel - Harry! Think of something scary! Like you are running away from it. 

Thinking of Fairy Florence's garden, Harry got scared and he doubled his speed and won the race. 

Fairy Hazel - You did it. You won! Oh, I am so proud of you Harry! 

Harry - Oh! I won! I did it. That was fun!

Harry came out of daydreaming and he saw his teacher tried to wake him up. 

Harry's teacher - Daydreaming again! Tell me what was I talking about! 

Harry - This importance of a healthy life. 

Harry's teacher - Oh and what can you tell me about that? well!

Harry - We should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables since they are essential to us and provide a lot of minerals and vitamins. They help our body get stronger to fight off any diseases or harmful bacteria. The same with exercises. Although it can be difficult at first, it can help our body muscles grow stronger and tougher and make us healthier. 

The teacher, although amazed, was pleased to hear this. From that day on. Harry listened attentively to his classes and enjoyed a life of playing. Not because he had to, but because he enjoyed it. He played well and ate well which turned him healthy and happy. The Fairies at the Garden of Deed had taught him that all dreaming and no play makes Harry a dull boy. 

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