Best good bedtime moral stories for childrens in English

 Best good bedtime moral stories for childrens in English

Best good bedtime moral stories for childrens in English

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a kind-hearted girl named Jessica. She worked diligently for a most unpleasant lady by the name of Mr. Jonathan who had an even meaner daughter Tessie.

Mrs. Jonathan - Jessica, cook faster, would you? My poor Tessie starving. 

Jessica - Yes madam!

Once the food was prepared and served they ate a little and told Jessica.

Jonathan - This food does bland! Next time do us a favor and cook something edible. 

Jessica - Yes madam!

Nest day when Jessica washes the clothes, Jonathan came and shouts at her.

Jonathan - Jessica! Aren't you done with the laundry yet? Hurry up, girl! 

Jessica - Yes madam!

Jessica's life was full of misery and hardship as she was always felt unappreciated for the work she did. Once the work gets finished Jessica went home where she lived with her grandmother. Jessica spent all her earnings on keeping her comfortable and happy. 

One evening a certain furry entered Mrs. Jonathan's house. It was a beautiful Persian cat that strolled daintily into the living room. 

Tessie - A cat! Oh, mother! can we keep it?

Mrs. Jonathan - No!

Tessie - Please, mom!

Mrs. Jonathan - Fine! But I am not going to look after it. 

Tessie - That's fine! Jessica, fetch some food for the cat.

But Jessica was engrossed in looking at the cat. Except it wasn't a cat that she saw but a Princess, dressed in the finest of clothes.

Jessica murmuring to herself.

Jessica - Am I mad? How's it possible that while I see a stunning Princess and they see a cat.

Tessie - Jessica! Food for the cat? 

Jessica - Yes Tessie!

Jessica returned with a bowl of cream.

Tessie - Took you long enough.

Tessie - Take it my kittie. 

But the cat refused the food.

Tessie - Maybe she wants something else? 

They tried giving the cat many tasty things but she refused them all.

Mrs. Jonathan - Leave her1 Cats are temperamental. It will eat when it wants. Let's eat dinner Jessica! Go lay the table.


Jessica - Yes madam!

Suddenly a melodious voice reaches to Jessica. Jessica went to find the source of the sound and saw the Princess cat singing. 

Princess - You, you can see me! I knew it.

Jessica - Yes I can but they see a cat. What's going on?

Princess - You seem like a nice person. Also, since you can see me it means you have a good heart. Tell you what? I will trust you.

Jessica - That's great! I'd be the first person to win a cat's trust then and that was terrible attempt t humor.

Princess - It most definitely yes. Perhaps she'd be able to break my brother's spell, too.

Jessica - Excuse me!

Princess - Yes, introduction time. I will go first obviously. My name is Marya and I am a Princess which you can most definitely tell by my royal poise. I have been traveling under the guise of a cat. Now you will think why am I traveling under the guise of a cat and that's very simple because I am trying to find my missing brother who has been cast under a magical spell that has turned him into a Maltese cat.

Jessica - That's for sure. I should have figured it on my own. Sorry, I mean your brother is alright 

Princess - My cat-sense tells me, he is fine. But to live as a cat can be dangerous. Not all humans are kind.

Jessica - I have one question, Princess!

Princess - you can call me Princess Marya.

Jessica - Princess Marya, you are still a Princess. Why don't you use your guards and army and find your brother?

Princess - A curious mind, I see. Well to answer your question, I snuck out, because my uncle is a bad person and has taken over the throne after my father, which should have come to me or my brother. I think he is the one behind the spell that turned my brother into a cat. That's why I decided to sneak out and find him on my own and not attract unnecessary attention.

Jessica - Keeps getting simpler.

Princess - Yeah, I know, but that's enough about me. Tell me Jessica why do you work here to be treated so badly by these people.

Jessica told her all about how she wanted to give her grandmother a comfortable life and thus needed the money.

Princess - That's all. Tell you what, I will help you.

Jessica - That's all. You don't know how difficult it is to get a job around here.

Princess - We shall see! But, I'd also need you to help me in return.

Jessica - I will try.

Princess - Since you can see me, you will be able to see my brother also I think. Once I find him, no matter in whichever part of the world you will have to come with me to break his spell. That's the deal.

Jessica - Okay!

Princess - Good...Follow me.

And out into the night they went through the cold air and stay beside a tree where Princess gave her some gold coins.

Princess - Take these gold coins and give them to your grandmother. Now you won't have to work for that horrid lady anymore.

Jessica - What? For real! 

Princess - Now, the gold isn't gonna last forever. We need a permanent solution to your problem. Let's go to your house. 

The two of them soon reached Jessica's little home and by now it was dawn.

Princess - I will wait outside. I don't want your grandmother to think that you are crazy when you talk to me.

Jessica - Alright, you can sneak into my room through the window and I will see you there.

Princess - Alright!

Jessica entered her house and met her grandmother.

Jessica - Grandmother! Look What I've got.

Grandmother - Oh! dear, how did you get it?

Jessica - Well it is a stroke of good luck. Now we will be able to live a very good life! 

And that day when the sun was up and shining in its glory, the Princess spoke to Jessica.

Princess - Jessica, do you know to sew?

Jessica - Of course! I love designing and sewing! It's my hobby.

Princess - Perfect!

Now Princess spells a little and a box full of clothes appears in front of Jessica.

Princess - Choose any of these materials.

Jessica selects a piece of clothes.

Princess - Good! Now close your eyes and think of that one thing that makes you happy.

Jessica closed her eyes and thought of the beautiful Resplendent Quetzal bird taking flight. She smiled and opened her eyes.

Princess - Just put your happy thoughts into your design.

And that's what Jessica did. In only a few days she had sewn such marvelous dresses that she could not believe she had done them.

Princess - Now we will go to sell them.

And so they went to the market where people noticed the stunning clothes and grabbed on to them. Bu the end of the day everything had been sold.

Jessica - This is so much. If I can continue, I will be able to give Grandmother a really good life. 

Princess - As long as you do what makes you happy. I think you and your grandmother should be fine. 

And it came true. Jessica soon started to do extremely well and with the money she earned built up her poor cottage into a pretty house and even kept a helper whose name was Perry. She also opened up a lovely little shop for selling the clothes she sewed.

Jessica - This is so amazing. Princess Mary, it's everything I ever wanted.

Princess - I am pleased to hear that. Well then since I have kept my word will you now help me break my brother's curse?

Jessica - Yes, of course! But how do we find him?

Princess - My cat-sense is telling me that he is in the nearby kingdom. We must leave immediately.

Jessica nodded and hurried to her Grandmother.

Jessica - Grandma, I'll need to leave the town for some days as I have to make a delivery to the next kingdom. Perry will look after you.

Grandma - Be safe, dear.

Jessica and the Princess set out for the neighboring kingdom. There they wandered around and tried to find the young cat, Prince.

Princess - He keeps moving! Silly brother.

Jessica - Don't worry! We will find him. 

Princess - I can sense him! He is nearby. 

Saying this both ran away in search of it and they find him in a market.

Princess - I have found my brother Jessica. Can you see him? Can you see his human form? Can you? 

Jessica - I am so sorry Marya but all I see is a Maltese cat.

Princess - Oh dear, but you can see me in my human form. Please try again. Close your eyes and open them.

Princess brother - Wait sister, she is too young to break my spell.

Princess - What do you mean?

Princess brother - My spell can be broken only by a person who had lived for more than sixty years with a kind and good heart.

Jessica - What is it, Princess?

Princess Marya explained to Jessica about the spell and how she had missed an important part.

Jessica - Oh! I am so sorry. I could not be of any help.

Princess - You have done a lot, Jessica. I have found my brother finally. Now you must go back to your life. I wish you all the best. 

Jessica - Oh...but I have become so fond of you. 

Princess - Me too, Jessica. But now I must go on my way and you yours. 

Jessica - You know I have made something for you. I did not know things would turn out to be like this. I thought we'd go back to my house.

Princess - Alright! Let's go to your house. I'd like a good rest before we start our travel, anyway come along, brother.

And so the three of them returned to Jessica's house.

Jessica - Grandma, I am back.

Grandma - Oh1 Who is this young man?

Jessica - What?

Princess - What?

The Grandmother could see the Maltese cat in his human form and immediately the spell broke.

Prince - oh! I am back.

Grandmother - Why is he screaming?

Jessica - OH! The spell is broken. Grandma, you broke his spell.

The three of them rejoiced and Jessica carefully explained everything to her Grandmother who was quite surprised.

Grandmother - OH! I see! Well. I am happy to have helped.

And so, Jessica, Princess Marya, and the Princess stayed as good friends for life. The Prince claimed his throne back from the bad uncle and ruled the Kingdom with his sister and together they taught their people holding onto bad things is a waste. 

Moral - One must always be kind and cheerful as that is what brings happiness. We must follow our heart and do what makes ourselves happy. 

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