A Magical Halloween story for kids in English

A Magical Halloween story for kids in English

A Magical Halloween story for kids in English

Once upon a time, in a village far up on a lovely hill, there lived a poor woodcutter with his loving wife and two delightful children Anette and Anthony. The woodcutter would toil from day to night while his wife made pretty laces to sell. But earning any more than for a loaf of bread and a good broth was a terrible struggle. 

They were worried about Anthony as he was old enough to attend school but they could not arrange the money for that. Anthony knew of his parent's worries and tried to cheer them up.

Anthony - Papa! Mama! Don't worry. We will soon be able to sell the vegetables from our vegetable patch/ and have enough money.

Soon it was the Halloween season and Anthony was busy carving Jack-o-Lanterns to have his father sell them in the market. Anette, meanwhile, curiously stared at the pumpkins. 

Anette - Anthony, why do you carve such strange faces on the Pumpkins. 

Anthony - These will be used for the Halloween celebrations in the village. The Halloween festivities are GRAND and simply BEAUTIFUL.  

He told her all about how the village would be decorated with glowing orange pumpkins. Displaying their comical faces around and how all the children would be dressed up, going around playing tricks, and collecting treats. 

Anette - Dress up as WHAT! Anthony - They all have such a lively frolic, Anette.  

Anette - Then let's go too. Let's tell mom to dress us up and go frolicking in the streets with our Jack - O - PUMPKINS. 

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Anthony - It's Jack - O - LANTERNS, Anette. And we can't go frolicking so late at night. The village is too far and mom doesn't have the time or clothes to stitch us any costumes. 

Anette - But I wanna go. 

Anette cried and howled with Anthony tried to calm down. 

Anthony - Alright Anette, why don't we do our own little frolicking right here, tomorrow. We will dress up too. 

Anette - Alright! That next day, when the sun went down and the family finished their supper, the two children went outside to the garden after telling their parents. 

Seeing Pupkins Anette asked Anthony, " Is this for us?" 

Anthony - Yep! I carved them out and kept them here. 

Now watch. Anthony lit a tiny candle and placed the pumpkins over it. How brightly it grimed, its trimming face alive as ever in the orange and yellow light of the flickering and dancing candle flame. 

Anette - Oh Anthony! It's lovely. 

Anthony - Be careful Anette! 

But Anette was too excited and as she clapped and hopped around she bumped hard into the table and sent the pumpkins toppling over. 

Anthony - Oh noo Anette! And as he reached out for it, the Pumpkin suddenly jumped up and started rolling about. 

Pumpkins - Almost dented my side, Well goodbye children. 

Anthony - What, the pumpkin just spoke! Anette - It's a magic pumpkin, But we can't have a frolic without it. Mr. Jack - O - Pumpkin, come back. 

Anthony - Anette, wait. The pumpkin tumbled and rolled around and proceeded towards the vegetable patch.  

Pumpkin - Hey Turnips! Cabbages! Come on. If we don't leave right now, we will never reach the frolic. 

As Anthony watched, the very vegetables he had grown so carefully hopped out of the earth and stretched their long leaves and roots. 

Onion - Oh! I feel so stiff. 

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Cabbage - I hope everyone notices my lovely layers. 

Pumpkins - Oh come on! Let's go. 

Anthony realized that he would lose all his vegetables and having nothing for his father to sell in the market. 

Anthony - No! Stop! Don't go. 

Onion - Anthony and little Anette are following us. 

Cabbage - Sorry Anthony! Tonight is our night and you will not have us. 

Vegetables - Halloween! It's Halloween! That's right. We are gonna dance and sing and cheer all night. 

The vegetable were soon joined by others too. It seemed like all the village vegetables were rolling with glee towards the forest. 

Anthony - Those are Mrs. Minette's Purple Cabbages and Mr. Dupont's giant squashes. 

Anette - Look! They are going through a little door. 

Indeed! Every vegetable rolled right through a small magical door that seemed to float in thin air. 

Pumpkins - Come on Come on! We will be late. 

Anthony and Anette rushed in too after the vegetables and Anette soon got a hold of one of the potatoes. 

Potato - No! Let me go! Oh, help. 

Pumpkin - Oh Anthony! Please let us have this one night for ourselves. 

Anthony - And what about me, I will lose all the vegetables that I have taken so much effort to grow. Then I won't be able to earn any money for school. 

Pumpkin - Oh that will be easily taken care of, now please do let go of the potato and you can join us at our Halloween frolic too. 

At this Anette's eyes lit up. 

Anette - Oh Anthony let's go! He said he will take care of it. 

Antony - Take care of it but how? 

Pumpkin - Leave that for later. For now, we must hurry. Let's go, everyone. 

The children followed the exciting line of vegetables and soon came up with a huge clearing within the forest where a number of magical creatures were already there and having a good time. 

Anthony - WOW! This is so amazing. I have never been here before. 

Pumpkin - That's because one can only reach here by magic. 

Anette - Oh pumpkin! What happened to your face? 

Pumpkin - This is what happened to us when we attend the Halloween dance. 

Anette - Anthony look! Are not those Goblins? 

Anthony - And a real skeleton band. 

Pumpkin - Oh look! The witches have arrived. 

The witches came flying in, in their fancy hats and long gowns with their lovely cats sitting right in front. 

Witch - Hello children! Anette - Mr. pumpkin, these witches are not wicked, are they? 

Witch - Oh ho! No dear! We are not at all wicked on Halloween. Here! Take this peppermint. 

Anthony - Say "thank you", Anette. 

Anette - Thank you Madam witch.

Witch - Why, such sweet children, why don't we give them a ride. 

And to their delight, the two children were soon flying around the night sky with the two witches and cats. 

All the vegetables and forest creatures were having a lot of fun. 

Vegetables - It's Halloween! That's right. We are gonna dance and sing and cheer all night. 

The glow-worms swarmed around dazzling up the dancefloor and the flocks croaked and hummed the woodland songs with gusto. 

Anette - Haha! Anthony comes on and joins us. 

Pumpkin - Oh! I see you are having fun, that's good. 

But soon it was turning to dawn and the witches suddenly noticed this. 

Witch - Goodness! It's nearly time for us all to leave. 

Potato - What! We don't want to leave. 

Cabbage - Yeah! We wanna stay here. 

Witch - Alright! but then who will take the children home. 

Pumpkin - Well madam! We thought you may be able to give them a ride on your broom. 

Anthony - What! But Pumpkin you promised to make it up to me. I shall not have any vegetables with me if you all stay here. 

Pumpkin - I promised to pay you back Anthony. So as long as you never lose these bags they will always be full of gold coins. 

Anthony - Oh! We will really do well with this. 

Vegetables - We want gold coins too! Why don't we get any? 

Anthony - Oh be quiet! or I will eat you all! 

Witch - I don't know about him but I will eat you all if you don't hurry up now. 

And with that, they all laughed, The vegetables said their goodbyes to the two children who waved happily as they sailed through the air with the witch. 

Anette - That was the best Halloween frolic ever. 

Anthony - Oh! What about your cat. 

Witch - Well keep him with you till we meet next Halloween. 

Anthony put his little sister to sleep and gave a warm basket for the cat and finally dozed off. A few hours later, his mother burst into the room. 

Anthony's mother - Anthony! Where were you two, we have been looking for you all over the village and what happened to our vegetables. 

Anthony - Well! the vegetables have gone out to the forest but I have this in its place. Anthony narrated all that had happened. But it was only when little Anette came up with the second bag and showed her the peppermint. 

Anthony's mother - Well peppermint from a witch is very rare on Halloween. Oh, how I am happy to have my children. But never you should never leave the house like this ever again. 

Anthony's father - How blessed we are! Now our children can finally go to school. 

And so they did. How pleased they were, surrounded by all the new books and uniforms. Their father went and brought a new pair of strong oxen and the mother wore the prettiest dress ever. The children would visit the vegetables and witches every Halloween but after their parent's permission and the cat seemed to like Anette so much that it stayed with the little girl forever. 

Moral - You see, being glad and cheerful even in the hardest of times is a blessing on its own. For goodness and luck will always be knocking on the doors of those who are content and hardworking and that is the best kind of luck. Oh! and Happy Halloween!

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