How to speak fluently in English

How to speak fluently in English

How to speak fluently in English

This post is to ensure that people get connected with their English language. All we do here is to give you a trick, you can say a technique which you can apply in your day to day structure and use it to enhance your English language. So half of the action is to be done by an author and half of the action is taken by our readers. 

All you have to do is to come to our website, take the technique, use it, and apply it in your daily life. I can promise you that you will see the difference from day zero to the upcoming day, you can see a better speaker in you. So let's begin. 

There will be two parts to this post. The first part will be the technique. When we say the technique is a simple tip, there is a technique that you will see it in this post, all you have to do is to please use it and apply it in every moment of your conversation. And the benefit of the technique is that anyone can use it even I use it to date.

The second part will be concrete stuff, the stuff that you will learn and use and that is pronunciation. Pronunciation doesn't mean just to pronounce the big words. It's started long back and we shall learn the pronunciation of the letter but first, we see about the technique. 

The technique is very simple and you will be very surprised when you come to know about this. It is called mimic or copy. All you have to do is to copy someone, how simple that could be. All you have to do is a person is walking by or there is somebody you admire in the English language, follow that person. I did the same thing and I do it to date. 

I tell you the people I follow to date. Let me take you back to my graduation days and there was a guy in my college. He was an excellent speaker. you might notice people in your day to day life, the people who are very good speakers in the English language. 

So this guy, I don't know from which background he came, he had an excellent grip on this language. He was so confident all the time talking in English. I was jealous as I wanted that. I wanted to speak like him. So what I did, I noticed that person and when I say noticing, I mean everything.

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The way he was standing, the way he was sitting, the way he used to move his hand, the way he used to make his facial expression, the way he used to move his eyes as well, and the most important thing the way he was talking in English. He had an excellent charm on his face and an excellent command of the English language. I was all the time thinking, how did he get it?

And I was no clue about that. But something was happening I was growing myself, I was becoming better. I don't know how I did i. later I was realized that I was noticing that person to an extent that where I started copying him and I was not even sure that I started copying him. So that is the beauty of this technique.

You don't have to worry that you are learning something new and still you become a better speaker. So the graph goes like this. There was a guy, I copied him. Now the question arises how did he become like this? And one day I gather my courage and I went to him and asked him, "Can I asked you a simple question?" How did you become such a good speaker and how you are so comfortable with the English language? 

He gave me a very simple method and the same method which I was applying for the last three years. He told me something surprising. He said he noticed Martin Luther King. If you don't know about Martin Luther king please google it. He was an excellent speaker and I would say he is still alive because of the speech he had. 

He came from a background where English was very convenient but the way he enhanced this language was extraordinary. So the fact that you noticed from here is all you have to do is copy someone. If you have a friend who is a very good speaker or if you don't have a company where you can practice this language, you can come to this website, you can follow me.

Try to see my content, my sentences and how would I express my views in English. It's gonna be very simple. You don't even notice that you are grooming yourself and that's all that you have to do is follow someone. 

Do you remember when you started pronouncing English words? Maybe back in the first or second standard. That's correct but even we have to go back, we have to start with the alphabet and that was the first thing that teacher taught us back in the first standard or maybe earlier to that when they focussed on how an English alphabets are pronounced. That's what we gonna learn today.

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So if you have to become a very good speaker or to speak fluently in English you have to start it from the basics and that is the right solution. So the alphabets are from a-z. We gonna see how to pronounce a single letter from a-z. So guys there is the difference or there is something that you can catch right now.

There is something called an alphabet and there is something called a letter. So the alphabet is a-z and every individual combination of the letter is called an alphabet. This is recall very important facts to know I have seen that many students did this wrong conveniently and they don't even notice. 

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So, let's start from our first letter that is A and this is not A for apple. Here we are focussing on the pronunciation of a single letter. So, what you have to do is to focus on how A is pronounced. 

A as in table. Over here you remove T, B, L, E, and focus on how A is pronounced here.

B as in bee, so the entire sound that comes from this word bee is equivalent to the B letter.

C as in the sea, sea pronounces the sound that is equivalent to the C letter.

D as in comedy. Please focus here as you might be thinking something very lame. 

E as in sheep. 

F as in effort. 

G as in jeep

H as in catchput your hand and notice the sound atch

I as in the eye

as in jail

as in cake 

as in tell

as in mamso we say mam and the last m sound or the am sound are the main sound that we have to focus on.

N as in man

O as in gothat is very simple, the basic sound that every human would know. 

P as in peek

Q as in queueit is the same sound queue which is equivalent to Q.

R as in a car


as in gas 

as in tea

U as in you

V as in we

W as in double you, so these are two words but the sound-producing together is equivalent to W. So pronounce these two words together.

as in axe

as in why

Z as in zed

So these were the sounds that we have to focus on throughout from a-z and when you understand these individual sounds you will ensure that you will have these sounds properly pronounced when you say the complete words. So if you have to say go you can pronounced g and o separately because you don't know how are they pronounced. So this was throughout the technique and pronunciation we have to understand. Now the task is in your bucket. You have to recall something important and you have to see the improvements happening in you. 


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