How to feel energetic and motivated

 How to feel energetic and motivated

How to feel energetic and motivated


Being energetic is a state of happiness. If you are energetic, dramatically you will see a lot of changes in your career, your life, and the people around you, they start liking you. You will be the center of attraction in your friends' circle, neighbors, your colleagues, and everywhere you will find a different atmosphere. That is why you must be energetic every time. 

It is contagious if you are energetic, people wanted to be with you. People also become energetic just because of you, your energy level, your talking, your activity, everything. But a question arises on how to be energetic all the time? 

Whenever you hear any kind of lectures either motivational lectures or any workshop, you feel very energetic. But after some time many people have complained that they are coming down. So, what is the reason? How are you being energetic all the time? So today in this post we shall see how to make yourself more energetic every time. We just need to follow some tips to make it possible.

1. Hide and Highlight 

What is to hide and what is to be highlighted? One thing is that if you have any kind of negative feeling, bad moods, depression, not in a good mood any kind of feelings you might have, just hide it, this you have to hide it. How to hide it? Simple, with your facial expression you can hide all these things. Keep these simple things in mind that your smile may remove any kind of negativity, your bad thoughts, and depression.

And highlight what you have. What is your energy level? what are you doing it? what are your positive points? And what is your selling point? And what you do? Everything you just have to highlight in those areas. If you do this you look very energetic. So, mainly focus on the positive points and hide the negative points. This will helps you make yourself energetic instantly. 

2. Identify the Fighters

Where is the fighter you have to find it as the fighter is inside you only? To identify the fighter inside you. Suppose you are watching a cricket match see someone is playing, what are you doing? You are encouraging the player a lot. Come on play, you are saying to the player. But when it comes to ourselves, is the player is caring for you? Not. You don't know you are not encouraging you don't even talk to yourselves. Leave about encouragement. 

In the same encouragement, the same energy keeps it for yourself. So keep talking to yourself and motivate yourself saying come on go ahead I can and I will do it. This is the encouragement you have to give it to yourself. Identify the fighter, feed him all kinds of energy just love to boost yourself in any scenario. So keep that fighter inside you and energetic all the time as this will helps you to be energetic all the time even you are tired too.

3. Always motivate yourself

How to feel energetic and motivated

Appreciate yourself. Don't think that you need some global meetings or any kind of help to motivate yourself because expectations make you under depression. So no expectations just motivate yourself and give appreciation whether it's small or big what it may be. Three steps can make you appreciate yourself. first, see your front face of the hand then turn it back and see its another part and at last back yourself. 

Always motivate yourself for anything it may be. This will make you energetic and remind and recollect all your past positive and kind of achievements, victorious things anything you just remind recollect it and then you become energetic. 

4. Food habits

Suppose you want to run a car. What do you feel? Petrol or diesel needed to run it. And how did you run your body and mind? The answer is very simple and that is your food. Food habits are very important. Simply follow one golden principle. Your breakfast should be strong, your lunch should be bigger and dinner should be smaller. 

Maintain quality foods and don't eat outside food. Eat-in a while it's okay but doesn't take it regularly. Try to make homemade food which your mom, your wife, your sister, or somebody who prepared. So that you eat it. Try to eat healthy foods. 

A strong breakfast will give you energy for the entire day. Your breakfast includes some nuts, badams, milk, and some fruits. So this kind of quality food you can take and drink more plenty of water. So eat good foods, drink more water, good food habits to maintain and automatically you feel very energetic. 

5. Excercise your body

Exercise your body as well as your mind also. If you give some exercise to your body, automatically your body will work out. It will be in such a condition to boost your energy level. In the early morning, half an hour of exercise is enough for the entire day. You can choose any kind of exercise may be aerobics, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, or gully cricket also, anything you can choose it. 

But give some exercise to your body after that your body would be in a good condition. Suppose you are feeling lazy and don't want to go jogging. Take some music therapy of low volume or high volume and automatically you will feel more relax. Unless you get exercise, unless you get sweats in the morning, don't take bath. It is compulsory how to do some exercise. 

In the same way, you have to give some exercise to your mind also. You will be finding a lot of problems in your mind. Give good thoughts, read some good courses in the morning, read good inspirational stories, good videos, watch it, and do some kinds of breathing exercises. 

Five minutes of pranayam can make a lot of difference in your mind. You get a lot of oxygen, your neves your mind everything looks open. You look very fresh and happy. You will not have any stress, and depression, or any bad thoughts. To maintain your body and give exercise to your mind and body as well. 

6. Listen to good music

Any kind of good music you can listen to, what will give you energy, which will make you active so that kind of music you may listen to. But only for five to fifteen minutes. Then after that switch it off and go back to your work and do what you wanted to do. This will energize you all day. 

7. Body language

Keep your body language always fit. Somebody looks at you may be a stranger, maybe they are well known to you, whenever they look at you they should have an impression like they feel how this guy is so energetic. How this guy is so active? So the kind of impression that you give it to your body language. 

Keep your face always pleasant and the main important thing is your smile. A small curve of smile resets all kinds of problems. Keep smiling as well as stand straight, walk straight, energetically you walk and that makes your body language highly energetic. 

So these are the basic seven tips which can make you energetic and motivated throughout the day. From every message, every situation you will have to learn something. You have to keep inside your mind it has to keep linger inside your mind. Always be energetic about what you wanted to do. Self suggestions you can keep it to yourself as it helps you to bring your confidence at the top.

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