How you can develop your confidence in the English Language

How you can develop your confidence in the English Language  

How you can develop your confidence in the English Language

In this post, we discuss a lot about fluency in English and personality development. How you can develop your confidence in the English language? A lot of that stuff goes on for the youngsters who had a lack of confidence in expressing their views in English.

Many time we find the words do not come to my mind whenever I am trying to speak in English, we feel we are going to blank and we do not how to express ourselves properly without the words and we are scared that at the right moment we may not come up with the right words and that put results into losing our confidence and messing up everything and also making a mockery of ourselves.

So, first of all, I have a few thoughts over here which will make a lot of sense to our readers. I have given a thought though coming up an answer to this problem was I will agree and I will confess, was extremely difficult. Because you know if I gave you a jest of what may be an answer to this problem it would be simply come down to saying one thing that is practice more. 

But that cannot be an answer to everything. There have to be some other concrete steps, concrete measures which I can suggest to you which you may adopt and eventually which you will improve with your fluency. So first of all you should address the issues then I will give you very practical solutions to it which I would expect you to apply in your normal life if you want actually to overcome this problem. 

First of all, I would want to say that this is an issue. I used to face this too and initially, I used to face even more and then eventually it decreased. And it decreased to a very low level like right now if I am speaking to you I don't have to think about the words. They are coming to my mind automatically. Hoe does that happen? We will find an answer to that.

If I have to give you one solution right now apart from saying that you need to practice more. If there had to be just one thing that I could say to you right now what would that be? According to my if you find it difficult to come up with one proper word for a particular sentence when you are speaking in English with somebody.

I would say just substitute, the formula of substitution will work for you. I do that all the time. I am being honest with you there are a lot of times when I am speaking, a lot of time it happens that when I am trying to say something, I want to find the most perfect word for it but it does not come to my mind. It's very natural, it's very human for something like that happen to you.

We are not computers that every time something perfect is going to come out of or mind. It doesn't work that way. So what I do is I substitute. If I do not find the most appropriate word I use the less appropriate word. If I have to say right now that I am extremely accelerated in expressing my views to our readers. Probably if I am unable to come up with this word, I would just simply say that I am extremely happy to see you right now. 

If I have to say that something looks deplorable on you. Please don't wear this dress it looks deplorable on you. f I am unable to come up with this word it's obviously would not happen to you unless you were very friendly with English because these are good words, they happen to you in a period of time. I would simply say please don't wear this dress it looks horrible on you. So there is always a substitute available for anything that you want to say.

See even the most basic words are not coming to your mind that may be because you are really not practicing. See some languages are going into your ears and they are coming out of your mouth regularly. They happen to you on a daily regular basis. They happening to you on daily basis. Every day you are speaking these languages and hearing these languages.  

So now you have to concentrate on different languages, your mind is under a lot of pressure, your mind has to learn different languages. Your mind has to adopt different languages. If you talk about foreign countries we often want to speak English like them. Have you ever given this thought most of the Foreigners are only exposed to the English? They are not exposed to kind of varieties of languages what we people are exposed to? 

Now if you compare it to foreigners. If English is a language, alright! nothing else. If it is just a language, it is the only medium they have to talk and converse with each other. There is no other medium in which they talk to each other. So they are only exposed to one language and no distraction occurs. Mostly the entire country is speaking one language. 

That is why since they are consuming a lot of English and they are creating a lot of English, okay! because of which they have such command over English. So the mind is under a lot of pressure of giving the most proper feedback every time if somebody speaking to you in a different language. 

 You think about a child living abroad somewhere, that child when he or she starts to speak initially those children they speak very few words to express themselves because those are the only few words they have learned by that little age of this. And then when they grow up they learn more words and they start using more of those words and then they frow up even further and they learn even more. So more and more English they are learning and they are speaking. 

But when they are starting they are starting with a very limited set of words so that is how everybody begins even I began that way. Okay! I began with a very little set of words and I started speaking in only those words. I mean whatever best I could. Okay! And then I grew up and learned more, I made a few mistakes, I learned from those mistakes and the only thing that I did right was I kept on doing the same thing again and again. Gradually the things work well out for me. And that is how it works out good for you also.

So, first of all, you start practicing substitution, if you forget something try and use other words in its place. One thing should always be noted that practice is required in doing any work or learning new things. There is no age to learn. You just follow all these steps in your daily habit, after some time you will notice yourself, your English will improve a lot.

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