Bedtime Story for children In English

Bedtime Story for children In English 

Bedtime Story for children In English


In a village, there lived a farmer. His name was Mohan. He had two oxen. One was Shyama and another was Kallu. Kallu ox was very big and strong. He took the two oxen to the field and plowed his field with their help. He had a very good harvest and was making his living by working hard. 

There also lived a man named Sohan in the same village. All-day long, he roamed in the village and watched the people's belongings, so that he would have a chance to steal the things and could sell them in a nearby village. 

One day, he was passing through the front of Mahesh's house when he caught his eyes on Kallu ox. He never had seen such a big bull. His eyes were wide opened. 

Sohan - Oh my God! how big this ox is! If I shall sell it in a nearby village, I will get two lakh rupees for this work. 

Then he looked into the verandah of the house, and could not see anyone. 

Sohan - Everyone seems to have tied the oxen outside and are sleeping inside the house. This is the right time to steal this black ox. This ox looks very powerful. It will be worth stealing. 

Then he would go in quietly and started running away with Kallu bull. 

Sohan - Run my bull tick tick tick. Run my bull tick tick tick. You are black, I am black. It will be fun when two blacks would sit together. Today is fun, to this day, I had my hands on small things only, but today I hit the jackpot. I must hide it a bit quicker. If anybody noticed it, I shall be in trouble. 

Then he reached his home with the ox. Sohan's wife was surprised to see the ox. 

Sohan's wife - Oh, whose ox did you bring in here? Oh my God! Till the day, you used to steal little things but today you have crossed all limits. 

Sohan - Oh dear, you are always saying anything. you will never let me be a rich man. 

Sohan's wife - Oh dear, please just see, you would not have to go behind the bars to fulfill your wish of becoming rich. 

Sohan - One cannot stop me from becoming rich, not even you. Now go ad do your work. 

Angry, his wife left from there. 

Sohan - See brother Kallu, I am going to sleep now and you too take some rest. 

Saying so Sohan went to sleep. But Kallu ox was starving and started bellowing in hunger. 

Sohan's wife - Oh my God! what trouble! Listen, you may leave it wherever you go in the morning. I should not see it at my house tomorrow as soon as I get up in the morning. 

Sohan - Well, why are you getting so angry? I shall soon sell it to a nearby village in the morning. 

Mohan got worried about not finding his ox at home. 

Mohan - Oh my God! I am robbed, where did my Kallu go? 

Mohan's wife - What happened to you, so you are yelling?

Mohan - Oh, look, our Kallu is not here at all. We have to search for him right now. 

Then they set out in search of the ox. 

Mohan - Where are you Kallu? 

Mohan's wife - It's no use of shouting like this, let's ask somebody. 

On the other side, Sohan left the house taking Kallu with him. 

Customer - Oh brother, how much will you take this for this ox? 

Sohan - Brother, it is two lakh. You will never get a strong ox-like this anywhere.

Customer - Brother, two lakh is too much. I can pay you one lakh for this. Say, do you agree?

Sohan - Oh wow! I have never seen one lakh rupees, not even in my dream. Fine, I agree. Give me the amount of one lakh and take this ox. 

Customer - Well, my house is nearby, I am going home to make money. You just stay here.

Then he rushed his home and returned with the money. 

Customer - Take this amount and give me this ox. Now it's mine. 

Then he paid him the money and rushed away with the ox. Sohan also returned to his home happily. 

Sohan - Hey, where are you? Hurry up. You always call me lazy. Now see, what I have bought for you.

Then his wife came to him.

Sohan's wife - Ah, coming, Have patience? 

Soahn - There are one lakh rupees. Go and get the goods you want to buy. 

Then his wife took a note out opening the packet and was astonished. 

Sohan's wife - Hey, this note does not carry Gandhi Ji's photograph. 

Sohan - How could it be like? Is there a new banknote in circulation again in the market? 

Sohan's Wife - No new note has come. He fooled you. 

Sohan - Oh I am ruined, I am robbed. How has it happened? I should have seen the notes at the same time. Such a big mistake I have made. 

On another hand, Mohan and his wife found out from people that Sohan had stolen his ox. They went straight to Sohan's house. 

Mohan - Oh Sohan, open the door! I will not spare you today. Open the door first.

Sohan - What happened to your brother, why are you being so angry? 

Mohan - Look Sohan, I have come to know from the villagers that you have stolen my ox. Just return it to me, otherwise, it will not be good. 

Sohan - What are you talking about, brother, why would I steal your ox? 

Mohan - Look Sohan, I know that you are a number one thief, you had already been caught stealing hens of the villagers. Just return my ox or it will not be good for you. 

Sohan - Brother, I swear on my wife, I have not stolen your ox. 

Sohan's wife - Oh coward, I think you are too smart, why are you swearing false on me. Brother Mohan, he has made a huge mistake. He is the one who stole your ox, please forgive him. 

Sohan - Brother Mohan, forgive me, I made a very big mistake. 

Mohan - It's ok, no problem, just give me my ax back. 

Sohan - I don't have your ox. 

Mohan - Then where is my Kallu? 

Sohan - Brother, I had sold it to a merchant and he got me the fake note in return. He cheated on me. I am robbed, I am ruined. 

Mohan - Oh God! Don't know, where would my Kallu be? 

Sohan - You don't worry brother, let's both of us look for your ax together. 

Then they both rushed out in search of Kallu. 

Mohan - Kallu, where are you, can you hear me?

Sohan - Brother Mohan does Kallu understand English? 

Mohan - What kind of question are you asking me. Have not you gone mad? 

Sohan - Then why are you calling Kallu like this, it will not give you an answer. 

Then they reached into the well-known animal fair where a large number of animals were put up for sale. All of a sudden, Sohan caught his eyes on Kallu, that deceitful merchant was going to sell Kallu ox. 

Sohan - Brother Ramesh, there is your Kallu and that merchant is the one who fooled me. 

Merchant - Take the ox, take the strong ox. Come soon get. Come first buy. Let's catch him red-handed. 

Then they rushed to reach the merchant.

Sohan - Hey, how did you dare to fool me and sell this ox here. 

The merchant got worried. 

Merchant - Brother, did you forget so quickly after taking a lakh rupees? 

Sohan - Oh thief, you left me with fake notes, and you are being over-smart now. Should I call the police? 

Merchant - Sure, why not, this was not even your ox. you also stole it. Let the police come and put you in jail along with me.

Sohan - I am ready to face the punishment for my mistake. 

Merchant - Oh my God! What to do. He is also ready to go to jail. So it is better to make an apology and return them the ox. I have made a mistake brother. I admit my mistake. Forgive me and take your ox back. 

Ramesh then got his ox back and became happy.

Sohan - Brother Mohan, forgive me too. I did not know that a person can also love an animal like this. I will also never steal after this day. 

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