Bedtime Stories for Kids In English

Bedtime Stories for Kids In English

Bedtime Stories for kids In English

There lived two milkmen named Mahesh and Suresh in a village. Mahesh loved his cow dearly and feed it green fodder every day. The cow was happy too. It also gave a ton of milk which Mahesh used to sell in a nearby village. His customers were also pleased with him because he used to give them pure milk without mixing water. His business was running smoothly. 

On another hand, there was another milkman named Suresh. He was very greedy and very lazy. He would never wake up early in the morning. Even he used to sleep after Sunrise. The cow would always be crying with hunger. A sudden he woke up and said Oh God! It is such a useless life. 

I have to get up haring this cow's mooing every morning. Although it gives less milk but moos every time. Then he fed his cow dried grass and said so eat your fill. He aids his cow, you give a little milk and eat a lot in return. Then he milked the cow. It only gave me a little milk. So, Suresh became too angry. 

He said his cow, I already knew that you were to give less milk. Learn something from Mahesh's cow, it gives a full bucket of milk while you give a less quantity. Now I will have to add water to it again. Then he added plenty of water to the milk and went to sell in the nearby village. 

Milkman, fetch the milk, One person said to him, Hey, your routine of coming here is too late. I even have not taken tea just because of you. Come earlier tomorrow or I am not going to buy milk from you. And how is this milk so thin? Brother Suresh, how much water you have mixed in it. I don't want your milk. Take your bucket and make fool someone else, now go from here. 

Suresh said, ok, brother why do you shout? I just added water, not poison so why you are getting so angry. That man said run away from here. The milkman then returned to his home. His wife came to him at night. His wife said, listen, you didn't give me today's earning. 

Suresh - You greedy woman. how much I pay you when my whole milk had been rejected from customers today.  

Suresh's wife - Why, what happened today? 

Suresh - The customers are fed with drinking water added milk. Our trick of mixing water in milk is well known to everyone. Now nobody is going to buy milk from me. They all were talking about buying milk from Mahesh. I am not able to think about what to do. 

Suresh's wife - We must think about a new trick or our customers might move to Mahesh. Well, I have a way out.  

Then they both went to Mahesh's house at midnight. Mahesh was sleeping and his cow was tied up nearby. 

Suresh's Wife - Hey listen! Mahesh is sleeping and it is an hour to sunrise. I will be waiting here keeping an eye on him. You go and get whole milk from his cow. 

Suresh - I thought you are a fool but you are too smart. Now keep an eye on him until I milk his cow. 

Then he got whole milk from Mahesh's cow and they both went their home silently. Then Mahesh woke up in the morning and fed his cow as usual. That time, Suresh happened to pass his house to sell the milk. 

Mahesh - Oh! How I got up late today. Suresh is selling milk before me. I need to hurry. Then he began to milk his cow quickly. What is this! Why is the milk not coming out? How this can happen? Perhaps my cow is unwell today. I think I should let the cow rest for the day. Saying so, he went into his home. 

Suresh said to one customer, "Hey brother! Do you want to buy the milk?" There is thick milk today. If not sure, check it yourself before buying, then pay me. 

Customer - Oh wow! Today the milk seems thick and good. And Mahesh also did not come today so give me two-liter milk.

Suresh sold the whole milk and went home earning a lot. He called his wife, Hey sweetheart... where are you? Come outside. His wife comes out then. 

Suresh - See, I have sold whole milk today. Your trick worked. We have so much profit. 

Suresh's wife - O great... Today is fun. We will again go to Mahesh's house tonight. 

At night, both of them went to Mahesh's house and milked his cow completely. But Mahesh's wife happens to see them ding so this time. She was stunned. Unaware Suresh and his wife went out quickly from there. The next morning Suresh again come to sell the milk before Mahesh. 

Mahesh - I need to hurry. Then he began to milk his cow quickly. Hey! How could this happen? Why is the milk not coming out? How could it be, I have fed the cow before fodder myself, but why is not giving the milk? Then Mahesh's wife came up there and told him about the real situation of Suresh. 

Mahesh - So these are the things. That's why my cattle are not giving the milk. 

Mahesh's wife - Dear, you do not worry. I have a plan. Let this Mahesh come tonight, we will teach him a good lesson. 

Then at night, Mahesh's wife tied a bull in place of the cow. 

Mahesh's wife - Let him come today He will get to know when he will milk the cow. 

Suresh - Oh dear! Let's go to Mahesh's house to steal milk. 

Then they reached Mahesh's house. There seemed to be a lot of darkness, so they were unable to see anything. Misunderstood of the cow, Suresh began to milk the bull.

Suresh - Hey what is this? Why is it not giving milk? 

Suresh's wife - Dear do quickly! Why are you taking this much time? Do fast otherwise, somebody will come for sure. 

Then the bill kicked Suresh strongly. 

Suresh - Oh God! I am dead, It broke my leg, I am dead. 

Suresh's wife - Hey, how did this happen? Get up quickly lest we be caught today. 

Suresh - It looks like my leg has been broken. I am not being able to stand. 

Suresh's wife - Oh God! What to do now? 

At the same time, Mahesh and his wife arrived there. 

Mahesh - So Suresh, had fun? That should have happened to you. 

Suresh's wife - Brother Mahesh, I always used to make him understand not to do the wrong thing but he did never listen to me. I had come here even today to stop him. 

Suresh - Why is it so? The greedy woman, you perish, This whole plan was devised by you and when been caught, putting all the blame on me. Because of your greed, I have to do all this. I had a kick from this bull today because of you. Oh, God! I broke my leg.

Mahesh - Suresh, this all has happened because of your greed. You have always been lazy and never served your cattle. You only wanted to take advantage of your cow, because of which your cow would give less milk. But I think, you have got the punishment for your mistake. Now you can go from here. 

Suresh - Brother Mahesh, forgive me, I will never make such a mistake in the future. Now, I will also do hard work as you. I will serve my cow green fodder every morning. And it will also give me a good quantity of milk. Forgive me! Dear, let's go home now. 

Suresh - Oh God! my leg is broken. The greed of this woman has left me for nothing.  

Suresh's wife - Why? I was greedy, but, you were not a hard worker either! You were also very lazy and slug. You had to get this lesson.


Moral - We must always work hard in life and never greed. 

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