Interesting stories for children

Interesting stories for children 

Interesting stories for children

A man named Arnav used to have a milk tanker. He roamed the village every day and used to sell milk to his distributors. Once a distributor said to Arnav, "what are you doing Sir?" Everyone is complaining about your milk. Everyone is saying that you are adding water to milk. Due to this, our customers are becoming less and this makes a huge wastage of our milk.

Arnav says that he is adding water for their good health as drinking thick milk can cause constipation. Later he says do not get water in milk, shall I add anything else? Now the distributor did not understand what to reply to Arnav. Arnav said, do not think that what I am doing, I am doing for everyone, saying this he went away.

The next day Arnav calls all his distributors and says that I have made a different plan to make a business profit for you all. Arnav speaks, I have made two types of milk packets, one is normal milk and the other is premium milk. Those who want normal milk will purchase the normal milk packet and those who want thick milk will purchase the premium milk packet.

The next day, Arnav thinks that these people will remain stupid forever. Maybe I am selling normal milk as premium milk, yet that milk is being sold in large quantities. How to make money, anyone can learn from me, he starts laughing out loud. 

The next day in the village, the police jeep starts roaming everywhere and announcing that from tomorrow onwards lockdown will start, And the only shop of essential goods should open. The police jeep went ahead by saying this. 

Hearing this, Arnav speaks thank God Lokdoun has come, but there is no loss to my business. In this way, Arnav started selling milk to his distributors as usual. Once by selling milk, when Arnav was coming back, he saw that a lot of people were standing near the check post.

He says to a man, Police, that I have to go, my wife and children are stuck somewhere else. Saying this, he was pleading with the police. Police say sorry but no one is allowed to go anywhere else. Hearing this, Arnav thinks in his mind that this is a very good idea to earn money.

Arnav went to that guy after some time passes. Arnav asks the man, brother, where do you want to go and how many people are you? We have ten people that man says why are you asking all this? Arnav says that I can reach you to your house, but every man will have to pay one thousand rupees each. 

The man speaks to Arnav how will you take all of us? Arnav says you do not care about him, I will take you all in my milk tanker. Noone will stop as I have a milk tanker. Now all the men sat in the milk tanker and Arnav cleared the check post of all of them and sent them all to their village.

Arnav was benefited from this business more than his milk business. In this way, Arnav took money from everyone and everyone started reaching his village. Once, at the check post, the police stopped Arnav and said you are looking more like nowadays.

Arnav speaks because of Lockdown, my business is doing well sir. I am expanding my business in other villages as well. The police speak that is very good but remember one thing you should do your business very carefully, saying this he allowed him to go. 

Once the robber of that village goes to that Arnav and tells him I have to go out of this village. Can you take me there? Arnav speaks, I have taken many people out of this village, I can take you too but you have to pay for it.

Robber speaks I have to go alone I don't want to go with anyone else. Arnav speaks it will take ten thousand rupees to go alone. Robber speaks, its okay I will give you. Speaking of this, the next day the Robber starts sitting in that milk tanker. 

Now as soon as the milk tanker stops near the check post, security dogs start barking. Arnav speaks to the police that it seems that these dogs are hungry, feed them some biscuits. Policemen say they are not hungry, they have smelled something and are barking at it.

The police left those dogs and now those dogs started barking at the tanker. The police have some doubt, they ask Arnav, what is in this tanker? open it, I want to see. Arnav speaks, Sir, there is milk in it, and what will be there.

Arnav opens the tanker when the police speak again, then the policemen are surprised to see that robber inside it. Police see that Robber was sitting inside with a lot of money. Now the police get him out and arrest him.

Police speak to Arnav that both of you were taking all the money out here, so this is the plan of both of you. Arnav speaks sir I knew nothing about it. Then police say it was not known, then how it came in your tanker from where. 

Arnav speaks sir please forgive me, I will never do this now and I shall do my work. The police said that you have committed two crimes, one is to take this robber with you and the other to take all those men out of here to another village. Police arrest both of them and punished them.


Hey, you should be as happy as you are getting, because we can lose everything in the greed. 

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