How To Motivate a Child who is Unmotivated?

How To Motivate a Child who is Unmotivated?

How To Motivate a Child who is Unmotivated

Every child is a unique personality every child has different situation as parents are also unique. Situations are different same theory can never work for everyone. We want every child to study, every child to get up early , go to school. Does it happen like that? Child wants to play, they want to touch things, the child wants to put things in the mouth. 

Children also try a lot of experiments , sometimes making things and sometimes breaking things. And we want children to behave correctly which is not possible. Some children under fear they do listen to you but that will not create a good personality.

It will be wrong, under fear , under threat you make a child study, it will make a child a bully which will not be a right thing. It has to be through love through care and through creativity. We parents have to be really really very creative. 

If you want your child to study you say come on you have to study but the child wants to play all the time. So now if I have to make a child to study I have to Play in between and study. So here was the child who didn't want to study and tried doing all those things.

Best possible way to motivate your child for study 

1. Like Love come on you do it my baby na come on do it na, I will be so happy Just showing caring and loving, hugging, kissing. Once in a while it works then it does not work.

2. Another method is you do this for me I will do this for you. If you study right now I will take you to the beach and we will play with sand and all that. Some of these are called bargains. You do this and I do this for you. Again sometimes it works sometimes it does not work but you have to try all these things. 

3. Third method could be a logical explanation.Why study is required? because nowadays children are very very clever and they have so many areas through which they get knowledge. So logically it is necessary to explain to them why you should go to school, what happens then and how he respects them and life is much better and so on. So please study it should be like no pain no gain. Pain and gain goes together. 

4. Fourth way which parents generally do is punishing. Give him a slap. shouting, putting him in the bathroom and so many such wrong things would be the way. This way is important sometimes if the child is doing something really hurtful like hurting somebody, stealing something.

It all happens as he wants attention then he does any sort of stuff but then not to punish the child you have to punish yourself. Tell the child I am not going to eat today if you do this or I will not talk to anybody. So here you are punishing yourself which makes the whole family unhappy. This will help your child to listen to you definitely, something like that.

These are the best possible ways to motivate your child. Chanakya has named all such methods as Sam, Dam, Dand and Bhed. But now how you are going to put it across. 

Child does not study and you want him to study. Now you will have to bring some games with you always and you both will be playing something.

Leave it half way let's read this one paragraph loudly you also mug up let your child mug up, Then come on lets we read it another paragraph. So this is how you play and study both mix up with this.

After reading one paragraph let's go to summer salt on the bed and come back and read another paragraph. After that, let's jump fifty times and read another paragraph. After that take a glass full of water Put a straw and bring bubbles and tell your child to count the bubbles. Tell him my bubble is more yours less. Play with them and study again.

So these are the ways to study and after study close your eyes and think and speak about what you remember. You are bringing education and joy together. Education is not a punishment for your child. Joy is there; he would love to study the whole day like this with play. You would not be resistive.

And then physical activity is equally important and then other areas would be food. Person must have something healthy in the house so that in between munching, enjoying something and others will also be a part of your child's study.

All these little little things and various ways which we drink water sometimes from top and gulpin, shipping and gulping bring creativity to whatever you are doing. Sometimes you take a child and cut the vegetables and both of you cook something and let the child see that and then come and study.

All these activities in the kitchen are very interesting. They really really trying to remove stress fmro your child's mind as a stress buster. So let the child enjoy that. These are the basic methods about how you motivate your child as well as yourself. Try these all the things and bring the changes in your child.

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