How to make your child aware of the real world?

How to make your child aware of the real world?

How to make your child aware of the real world?

We all want our children to be smart and confident and for this, we are ready to send them a very expansive class. But we can do this by staying at home and taking care of some small things. I am going to share some tips on how to make your child aware of the real world. I am also going to share some brainpower booster activity so keep reading this post till the end.

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1. Reading aloud to your child as reading helps them learn many critical language skills such as concentration and logical thinking as well as skill, communication skills, literacy skills things that are very important to help them overall mastery of the language. Reading to children is a very easy thing to do as you can do it anywhere you are even if you are riding in the car even if you are just shopping in the grocery with them even if you are just cooking dinner. You can explain to them what you are doing and talk to them aloud talking to children is very important. 

2. Children need to learn millions of words in the first three years of their life and you can accomplish that really at home food is nutrition for the body but the language is nutrition for the brain so read to your child talk to your child a lot and it will help them be a much stronger student in school and they will have a love of learning and reading for the whole rest of their life. 

3. The very first step in making your child aware of the real world is to let them explore the world. When you stop at a shop to get chips or chocolate then you give money to your child and ask him to go and get the goods and you stand away and watch over him. It may be that the shopkeeper is busy and the voice of the child is not reaching him, in such a situation he will look at you helplessly. So all you have to do is tell your child to call them in exclusion by saying excuse me sir and let it sound until the shop keeper hears it. By doing this, their confidence will increase and the more they talk to the new people, the smarter they will become. You can start this from four to five years and this will help them.

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4. It is good to keep children busy but not so much that they do not get free time to enjoy their childhood. Her/His art class is also dance class as well as swimming class. If they go to all the classes then how will they understand what they like to do their free time?. We have to give them a chance to know what they like when they are free. For this, you can give them different options and let them decide what they want to do.

5. Make my child participate in science activity if I want him to become a scientist. If you also think so, then think about it very carefully, who are we to decide what will they become? Our job is to show them the way, encourage them, and boost their confidence. Let them experience everything in their usual progress. By participating in the competition, they learn to win and lose. 

6. Now you have not been invited to any birthday party, only the children have been invited, so they do not need to go. If you are concerned about safety, you can stand and wait outside where there is a birthday party. Let them alone let them deal with small problems alone. If you put her in an activity class then you don't have to be there all the time. By doing this, they develop their capacity to fight their problems. 

7. Fixing children's bags to keep their play in their hands, do not do all this work yourself. Let the children do all this work themselves. Avoid doing so that there is confidence in them and they understand the responsibility. By doing this they will understand that they are also an important part of the house. It will take some time to let them do something for themselves, but they will become self-dependent. If children want to become confident then they will also have to learn discipline and manners.

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I have promised you that I am going to share some brainpower booster activities which will make your child aware of the real world. 

1. The first one is a pretty simple wooden block game Jenga where you need to stack up stories to make a tower using one hand. It helps to increase focus.

2. The second one is Rubik's cube which is something even we enjoy it. These days where the workshop is being organized but with practice, you can do it at home.

3. The third one is Dot-to-dotAll those pictures where kids need to join Dot-to-dot to make them helps to increase their concentration.

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