How to make a child realise his Mistakes?

How to make a child realise his Mistakes?

How to make a child realise his Mistakes

In our life with children we have a very different attitude. We feel that we have to teach children and when we say children need teaching we usually find faults in them. Tell them this is wrong, don't do this, do this and this is how we teach children.

I give you an example: there was a little six - seven years old girl who had learnt to write and one day the school authority told her that she has to write a small essay on flowers. So she sat down and wrote the essay very nicely. 

And then after writing she ran and showed the essay to her mother. Mother saw and started shouting. What is this? How many spelling mistakes? Every line has ten spelling mistakes. Is this the way to write? Take this and clear it. Now she took it and went away.

She went to father and showed him. Father also reacted in the same way. Father says you are dumb you don't know even a spelling of colour, spelling of and ! What are you doing? So she went away.

That time in the evening his eldest brother whose professor came to meet them. And the professor was sitting on the dining table, they were eating and chatting and the girl went running to him. She says sir, sir you are my brother's teacher, you are a teacher. I have written an essay please see.

So the professor takes that essay, he is looking at that girl, he is smiling and then slowly he starts speaking. He says my darling you have written this so well, see the gap between all the words are so correct. See the beginning, its body parts and its ends. The whole thing which you have written is so nice.

Your handwriting is so good. Your margins are so correct. You have done a fantastic job. Go ahead and enjoy. Just write more and more. And the girl had bright eyes. She was so happy. She looked at the professor and said thank you. Thanks a lot. Now I will concentrate on my spellings and she runs away.

Now this is the way. You can always find faults, finding faults is the world's job. People are going to find faults at you , people find faults in the best person also in life. But family should encourage good in you. Find out what is good in you and that is called family.

We should have that eye on how many good things are there in this situation rather than finding how many wrong things are there in the situation. We are always finding negativity in everyone in life, every situation in life.

Why can't we find something good in the situation? Why can't we encourage that good? When a person has wrong and right both in life, both are there in every human being. But then it is not the policy to remove the bad and good will, it does not like that.

Increasing your goodness and bad will automatically become slower and weaker. That should be our policy. Increasing the right habit is the policy. Yoga makes it very much clear that we have to remove the least tendencies and increase acleast tendencies.

Something which is more positive, something which is more relaxing, something where there is more faith and so on. So when we deal with children, they encourage their goodness. Teach them how to help people, how to care for people.

What is their duty towards family? Because a child comes only to father like father I need this and that. But childs duty is to take care of his father as father is taking care of him. So this giving, caring, helping, being compassionate, being considerate, having patience. ok father is busy today I will talk tomorrow.

Now such qualities have to be generated in children and that is possible only if they find such qualities in grown up. Children don't learn from your words. They learn from your actions. They see and they learn. They don't hear and they learn. 

So make it very much clear that we should encourage positivity. We should somehow find what is good in a situation and talk about that more. And you will see that slowly slowly situations are going to definitely improve and a child will go very well. 

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