True Friendship Story For Kids

True Friendship Story For Kids

True Friendship Story For Kids

Today we will talk about a true friendship story. There were two rabbits in a village and both of them had a very good friendship. Both of them used to do each and every work together. Both of those rabbits were named Micu and Piku.

The bonding of these two was so good that they used to fight together and quarrel and they also had a lot of love together. They both live in a house that was owned by Staffer.

Staffer's son Harry cared for both of those rabbits. Peter used to give both rabbits a bath together. Both rabbits had a lot of fun in their house. Both of them all the time lived like cool palaces and all the time stored enjoying and roaming the entire village and likewise had a variety of enjoyable. 

One day they went for a market there they saw a cat who was very canine. His name was Xolo. He was a stray canine ​​who lived within the streets. He relied on a beggar for meals however Xolo was all the time pleased.

Micu and Piku wanted to talk with Xolo so both of them go to Xolo. Xolo was very weak and he lived all the time in the street and had to wander everywhere in search of food. Xolo doesn't have food and clothes.

Now they all talk among themselves and ask Xolo where he lives. On this, he replies that he has no house, he keeps roaming everywhere in the same market. So Piku asks how did he eat food. Xolo says he has nothing to eat.

Listening to Xolo, both rabbits feel very bad and they both want to help Xolo now. They both ask him to walk home with them. Xolo refuses to go first but later he agreed after continuous request.

Xolo was asking both of them if his owners would let him stay in their house. Miku says don't worry we shall manage it accordingly. They keep talking throughout the whole way to their house.

One day a brand new animal got here to dwell in that colony. His title was Angel, a white councilor cat. He was the pet of a wealthy home. One day our thoughts went to fulfill the pet cat of that wealthy home after which seeing the pet, Micu Said what sort of animal is this?

Who are you then Micu asked the goat? My name is Swift, then Micu speaks. What is that this goat, I've not heard something about it until date, however you might be so good and exquisite. And you look superb too. Micu asked where did he come from?

Is this your new home? Sometimes the cat asked sure and Micu speaks. It's superior. What an enormous home I feel you should have a variety of toys. The cat responds, sure, after all, you wish to see my toys, then solely I reply. 

Yes, why not then the cat stated that she takes all her toys inside the home. The answers are very stunning and really good toys. The cat says that he had not seen any such toys until now. 

Would you wish to play with me? I'll present to you my extra toys. Now what I say can be very enjoyable in it, solely then the cat responds. I used to be in search of new associates. Would you wish to be my friend?

It is a query to ask if abruptly swiffy meets Micu and Swiffy asks what are you doing alone right here, let's play what I reply is that no swiffy is to not play in the present day, I have a variety of work to do proper now. And it goes beneath the automobile. The cat's home and the cat communicate.

What is the issue with him enjoying with me and Swiffy speaks a lot that goes nicely you be pleased and go away crying alone after which someday Micu is coming again house. He has nothing to say so he left the place immediately.

Suddenly there was a thick cloud within the sky after which the thoughts speak abruptly there's a variety of darkness right here, I feel the storm is coming, I ought to attain house as quickly as potential and begin to run loudly and the storm begins. 

Is it nonetheless wet? Micu says that my friend swiffy's home is the proprietor's home, I've reached there and he or she will certainly name me inside and he or she says to swiffy that I'm very pleased to fulfill you.

Let me are available and a really harmful storm and rain are coming after which the angel, the cat, says that my boss has simply taken this new home and you've got an excessive amount of mud and water in your feet.

But I cannot assist you to, I hope you'll be able to perceive and after listening to this, the thoughts go away from there and retains pondering on the way in which that this swiffy is so heartless, all his toys are of no use to me.

Nobody might help, it can't be my friend, then Micu abruptly seems and says to the cat, Walk with me and Micu stated that I noticed you getting moist within the rain, that is why I've come to you. 

I do not need a lot however can stroll to my boss's home a bit of bit. It is stored there within the morning. Let's go early, then the thoughts speak. Saying this they plan to do something different and left the home very early with new hope.

Moral -

One thing we should always remember is that we should never leave anyone in trouble. When you are happy many of your people will stand with you. You will also have many friends for you. But when you will be in misery and you will be in a problem then you will have no one, you will be alone.

That's why your true friends are recognized in your bad times only. A true companion is not the one who is with you in your good times, the true companion is the one who will support you in your good and bad times.

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