English Stories - Best Moral Stories For Kids

English Stories - Best Moral Stories For Kids

English Stories - Best Moral Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, a crow and a snake lived in a dense forest. The crow lived on a tree and the snake lived in a bill below that tree. Crow made his home with all his hard work. Crow used to roam everywhere in search of eating his food. 

The snake on the other side was very naughty. He used to eat food which crow brought. So Crow was very upset with him. Crow always tries to understood Snake that he should not do this, everyone works hard in arranging their food and you should too do the same.  

It is a matter of a day when crow laid some eggs in that nest. Now Crow had to arrange food for his kids so he went to the forest in search of food. After some time, the snake comes out of its burrow and goes to crow's nest and eats the eggs.

After some time when the crow came, he saw her eggs were not in the nest, and then she starts crying. Hearing the cry of Crow, the snake comes out of his bill and asked crow what happened? 

Crow asks if he has seen her eggs or if anyone came near his nest? Snake says no he did not see anyone there. Crow feels very sad. Crow now suspected the snake and wanted to catch him doing it wrong.

At this point, Crow goes to the forest and asks everyone if anyone has seen anyone going near his nest. Everyone said that we have not seen anyone going there. So one Rabbit says that there is a snake under that tree, it will definitely be his work.

Other animals also say that in this forest everyone else has friends of each other, but that snake is the one who has no friends due to bad habits. So it is possible that this work should be done by him only. 

So a cuckoo says that once that snake has eaten its eggs and later when asked, he said that I was hungry, so I ate. That snake is too arrogant. He always threatens everyone that nobody came closer to him or else he will be able to bite him.

After some day Crow laid back some eggs again. Crow went to the jungle in search of food but this time he kept an eye on his nest from outside, After some time snake came out of his house and went to crow's nest and starts eating eggs.

This time Crow catches Snake doing wrong. Crow asked why did he eat her eggs. Snake replied I was hungry so I ate all your eggs and ow you cannot do anything to me as I might bite you. Now the crow becomes very angry and wants to teach him a lesson.

Now he goes back to everyone and shares his point with everyone. Everyone feels bad after listening to Crow and now they all want to do something for crow. All of them suggested crow take the help of the king. 

Crow feels very bad seeing Snake's action and now he decided to punish him for his wrong action and ineffective behavior. Crow visits the king of the forest for a day and there he sees that the princess keeps bathing.

He keeps going to King and in the meantime, an idea came into his mind suddenly. He was thinking of something different which will be a more effective lesson for that arrogant snake.

Crow saw the princess's jewelry were kept at one side of the garden. King's soldiers were guarding the princess's jewelry. He somehow manages to reach there. Now Crow goes nearby and picks up a Jewelry in his bank and runs away.

Seeing Crow do this, soldiers go after him. Crow roams here and there for a long time and once a while she dropped the jewelry in snake bill. Crow comes near his nest by flying. 

While sitting near to his nest crow asked the soldier, what are you looking for, Princess's jewelry? The soldier says yes and that you have it. Surrender to us else you will pay for it as it was princess jewelry.

Crow said I had mistakenly picked up the jewelry from there, I did not know that she is princess jewelry. When I came to know that it could be princess jewelry, I was going to return it but suddenly a snake stops me from doing this.

I explained a lot to Snake that he should not do this because it is princess jewelry and it should be returned otherwise we will get the punishment but that snake refuses to return it.

And he said that I am not afraid of anyone, nobody can do anything to me. Whoever comes to me, I will bite him with a poisonous tooth. Having said that, he took away the jewelry from me and took it, and went to his bill.

Now the soldiers fill the hole in the burrow with their sticks and with this snake came out of his house. Once the snake came out soldiers saw the jewelry and then they started beating the snake a lot and they take the jewelry from it. This is how crow avenges.

The snake comes out of its burrow after being badly beaten. Now the snake realizes his mistakes and he apologized to crow in front of everyone. Snake promised everyone that he will never harass anyone in the future. saying this he was about to left the jungle.

Then crow told snake to wait, where are you going, this jungle is ours home and you are a part of our family. You can live here with us like a good friend. we shall play all together. And then everyone came and offered a snake to be their friend.


You will get what you do. If you do the wrong destiny will give you wrong or if you do the right destiny will deliver you the right. So don't trouble anyone as the future may trouble you.

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