Bedtime Story For Kids - Bacho Ki Kahaniya

Bedtime Story For Kids - Bacho Ki Kahaniya

Bedtime Story For Kids - Bacho Ki Kahaniya

Mam told his students that today she will discuss a new story whose name is Honor reward. A long time ago there lived a painter named Babulal in a village. He was very honest but due to being very poor, he was homeless. 

He used to do paintwork from house to house, his income was very less, he used to run his house with hardly any difficulty, even after working hard all day, he could only get bread two times.

He always wanted him to get some big work that would earn his income but he used to do small things with great dedication and sincerity. He works hard to grab his opportunity and earn as much as he can.

One day he was called by the landowner of the village. Landowner told Babulal that he had some work for him. Can he want to do it for him as he will get his expense for it? Babulal immediately replied positively.

On hearing this, the landowner takes him to a pond where he keeps his boat. He told Babulal that he needed to paint the boat very attractively so that everyone would get impressed once anyone saw it.

Babulal told the landowner yes he can do the same what he wanted. Landowner told Babulal that he needs to complete his work by today itself as his family will go for a picnic tomorrow. "Give me your confirmation" Landowner asked Babulal.

Babulal thought for a while and then he gave his confirmation that he will do it for him by today. Hearing this, the landowner asked Babulal about its expense. Babulal said generally it will cost around Rs. Five thousand but I shall give you in a lesser amount.

The landowner told him that he should charge him the same as he charged the others. You are very hardworking and also very poor. So I don't want you to lose your hard-earned money for me.

You don't need to worry about the money you will get what you deserve. But remember in anyhow it should be completed by today otherwise it would be a problem for me which I cannot handle. Babulal promised the landowner that he didn't need to worry at all; he will finish it. Saying this he left the landowner's home.

From there Babulal immediately goes to the market and takes all the colors of the goods. Babulal gets involved in his work by bringing all the goods. He started attractively coloring the whole boat.

While working, Babulal's eyes go towards the other side of the boat and paint it beautifully. Babulal stops working the color as he finds a certain fault in the boat so he decides to paint it later before it takes to fill that hole. A lot of trouble he faced while filling that hole.

Now Babulal started to color the boat again. Today, he kept doing the whole day and he did not even have lunch during the day. And he finished his work before it got dark. Today he was very tired.

Now Babulal goes to the landowner and tells him that he has finished the work of the boat. Take a walk and let me know whether it looks good or bad. On hearing this, both of them go to the boat.

Seeing the work of Babulal, the landowner is very happy and impressed. He tells him that he did the work very beautifully. He should come tomorrow and get his money. Babulal goes away while listening to this.

The very next morning, the wife of the Landowner and her children go out to roam in that boat. They all were very happy. The children told his father to come with him but his father told him that he had some work to do so he cannot come with them. 

In the evening, the landlord's servant Ramu, who used to watch, comes back from vacation and seeing the family, not at home, asks the landlord about the family, the landlord tells him everything.

Ramu worries overhearing of the landlord. Seeing him worried, the landlord asks Ramu, "What happened, why are you so worried?". His calmness raises some confusion for the landlord. Ramu stayed calm for a while and then he told about the boat's fault.

The landlord also gets worried after hearing Ramu's talk. He does not know what to do now, how to save his family now. He roams here and there everywhere. As time went on, his tension was increasing.

After a few hours, his family comes to him having fun all day. 

Seeing them all safe, the landowner breathes in peace, then the next day the landowner calls Babulal for his money. Babulal received his money and started counting, he was surprised as he got more amount.

Babulal told the landowner that he made a mistake and gave him more money. He said that it was decided that he will get five thousand dollars for his work but he received twenty thousand. So he was about to return the money.

The landlord told that whatever he gave him it would be a lesser amount for him. The landowner told his family he is still alive, it's all because of him. Something might go wrong if he had not filled that hole in the boat.

Therefore, this money is for your hard work and honesty and you must have to take it. Babulal said yet you do not make so much money to fill the hole, it's more than that. 

It is your pleasure that you have not told anything about this nor ask for some money. The landowner told him now stop this conversation, this money is yours and take it. And he tells Babulal that I need an honest and responsible worker, will you work for me. 

Babulal told why not I shall work for you and it will be my pleasure. Landlord says now you don't need to do anyone's work, you stay the same and stay with me to work for me. Many thanks, the landlord went to his family in a happy mood by saying this.

Moral -

So, children, we get an education from this story that we should always do our work with utmost dedication and honesty.

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