A True Motivational Story

A True Motivational Story

Motivation is a truth that is needed by everyone in today's time. Anything impossible because motivation known to be possible. To walk on a perfect path, one must first thicken themselves.

Because unless you can walk on the right path, you cannot take someone else on that path. Today we bring true inspiring Motivational stories for our readers which can bring a lot of positive changes in anyone's life.

A True Motivational Story

The lifestyle of the village is very simple and interesting. One thing about the village is that it gets all the things that are good for health. The people of the village are very hardworking and they do not hold themselves back from any work.

Some four hundred people lived in a village whose average income was very low. In this village, everyone had a lot of problems in terms of money so that they all had to face a lot of problems in running their daily livelihood.

In that village, everyone did not have any different work, all used to do farming just to run their daily livelihood. The village is a little different from the world. In the way in the whole world, everyone has different kinds of different tasks, all of them go to live their lives.

The lifestyle of the village is very simple and interesting. One thing about the village is that it gets all the things that are good for health. The people of the village are very hardworking and they do not hold themselves back from any work.

All the people in that village were very hardworking and they were also very honest. They all used to cultivate their hard work and sold it in the market at a good price and they used to purchase their essential goods from the money they received.

One very special thing about this village was that it was unity among all the people, so that whenever anyone had problems, then everyone came forward to help him. So all those people were very happy.

Once there was a time in that village when everyone got entangled in a huge tension. In this time village, everyone took the help of each other and started trying to get out of the problem.

One year did not rain in the village/ so that all the crops were spoiled. All green vegetables start drying up without rain. The entire crop of farmers was not able to grow and the entire vet barely started getting completely spoiled in the sun.

Everyone started using what was in stock earlier. But due to lack of money, those people were unable to buy daily household items. The main tension arose when all the stocks around the house also started getting finished.

In this way, the children of farmers started falling ill due to hunger and thirst. Now the condition of that village became very pathetic. All the villagers started getting very upset to see such a condition of everyone.

A True Motivational Story

In such a situation, everyone started giving his opinion so that all of them could get out of that problem very soon. If someone said that they should worship like this, then someone gave something different suggestion of what they know.

At this time, even a small ray of hope was very helpful for everyone in the village. Everyone began to chase everyone with their understanding so that the village started raining. 

Everyone tried a lot, even after the struggle of the various days, there was no positive result. Due to a lot of messy hands, all of them now relinquished every task in the hope of luck. 

One day a monk from across the village in search of something. Monk was very hungry, so he urged the villagers to feed him. The villagers were quite embarrassed that it seemed that what will happen now that they are unable to even feed a guest from all over.

Monk spent a lot of time, he kept saying to bring the food from the people many times and like every time some people kept saying that the food is just about to cook and once it is cooked finally they will serve him.

After waiting for a long time, the monks started getting very angry, now they were very angry at villagers and now they started calling everyone badly. Monks told the villagers they all disrespect him.

If you don't want to feed me in that you could have told me earlier but you all guys make a big mistake while doing such action to me. Now monks started to curse the villagers which made everyone sad.

Hearing this kind of monk, all the villagers bowed down to him and apologized to him and started crying. After seeing all the villagers doing this together, Monks got shocked and asked everyone the reason for doing so.

Now all the villagers shared their pain with them. He has now told how due to lack of rain in the villages, the village suffers and now he is dying of hunger. The monks heard such things from the villagers, and now they regret their spoken word.

Seeing such problems of village people, Monks tried to help them. Now the Monks have given them a chance that a nearby Priest lives in a nearby village, he always engaged in his yoga throughout the whole day. 

They have solution relief for every problem, all of you go to them, they will help something. All the Villagers became very happy after listening to Monks and they all went out to meet him.

There was a priest who lived in that village whom everyone believed. He was always engaged in yoga. In that village, once someone had a problem, then everyone used to go to that Priest. 

A True Motivational Story

When all the villagers reach there, they all see that Priest was doing his yoga and it seems quite impossible for them to make him awake from yoga. Quite a lot of attempts awakened Priests.

When Priest opened his eyes, all the villagers first felt sorry for him. The priest asked them all of you and why have you all come here to me. All the villagers shared their problems with him and started asking him the solution to this problem.

The priest thought a lot after that, he proved that he wants to go and see those songs himself and he will be able to tell some solution to this problem. Now Priest went to the village with those villagers.

Now Priest learned from the villagers that this one ship would have to be excavated for a long time, due to which it would start raining. All the villagers started digging there and after a long time, there was no rain.

The priest did not eat you, do not give up, you keep digging, the rain will come automatically. Even after digging for a long time, it did not rain, but a different thing happened.

After digging the land continuously, it started getting water from the ground, which brings happiness on the face of every villager. Now the villagers were shocked that they had expected rain, but here water started coming from the ground.

Now Priest explained to all of them that he did not even know how rain would come. He is assuming if rain was not coming why don't we try for underground water then?

I just wanted to motivate you guys so that you guys don't stop the ground digging. Motivation is a truth that makes every impossible work possible. And it was just my motivation that got you all success. Saying this the priest left the village.

Best Motivational Stories - Moral 

In life, we should always motivate ourselves together with others. 

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