Moral Stories For Kids In English - Honesty

Moral Stories For Kids In English - Honesty

Moral Sories For kids In English - Honesty

A taxi driver named Nikhil lived in a village named Harshalpur. He used to drive a taxi near Harshalpur station. Nikhil used to get all passengers in his taxi and roam the village and earn money. Nikhil used to tell the passenger who was sitting in the taxi, Sir, put on your seat belt.

He used to indulge all the passengers with his precaution and drop them to their home. All passengers always feel very happy with his behavior and good manners. Whoever once traveled in his taxi, he later used to travel in his taxi as well.

Seeing the enforcement of Nikhil, a passenger said to him that you are taking a trip through the very best of the villages. My friend is going to come next week, you can take them for a trip, I will give them your number. Saying this, all the passengers used to take his number from Nikhil.

In that village, along with Nikhil, Arnav also used to drive a taxi. Arnav used to drive taxis very fast and he did not even keep the proper safety while driving. He doesn't even follow the proper signals and he used to talk very angrily with the passengers.

He used to tell the passengers that he has to sit in the taxi in a hurry, and how much time do you have to sit in the taxi. Sit immediately else I have lots of others whom I will take a tour. 

One day a rich person who wore some gold jewelry was waiting for a taxi sitting near the railway station. At the same time, Nikhil and Arnav both were offering his taxi to that rich person. 

Then those people came near Nikhil's taxi and said to him that we are living in this village. There is an ancient temple of Lord Ganesha in this village. If we have to go to the temple of God, then how much money will you charge us to that temple?

Nikhil then says let's give three hundred rupees. Then Arnav said, Sir, I will take you there in just a hundred rupees. Then that rich guy said to Nikhil, "what is this, brother, he is only talking hundred rupees for taxi and you are speaking for three hundred rupees"

Are you trying to cheat us? Nikhil replied Sir, there is no fault in my rate or talk, I will take you to the temple and get you there and leave you back at the railway station. Then that rich person says no, there is no need, we will go to the same taxi because he will take only a hundred rupees.

Now they sit in Arnav's taxi and Arnav takes them and goes towards the temple. Before reaching the temple, Arnav stops his taxi and tells those people to get out of my taxi and walk from here.

That man says what is this, even before coming to the temple, take us down from your temple. It was decided that you will drop us at the temple. Now Arnav says that whoever comes to this temple, they walk off a one-kilometer short walk and go there, it's a tradition here. 

Saying this, they got out of his taxi and Arnav took his taxi and left from there. Those people now went to the temple on foot. Now Arnav came back to the station and started looking for passengers. 

This time a police family arrived at that station.

Nikhil asked him if he wanted a taxi. Then the police said that we need two taxis, our entire family will visit the famous Lord Ganesha temple. Arnav speaks in this, Sir, you need two taxis, so do one thing, give us one thousand rupees for it.

Then the police families sat in both of the cabs and left. The police sat in Arnav's taxi and then asked Arnav hey brother, tie your seat belt. Arnav says in this, what do you think of him, Sir, do I tie my seat belt or don't I just have to go to the temple.

Hearing this, the policeman gets very angry with Arnav but he does not speak to him about anything. Nikhil drives his taxi very fast. Then the police said, why are you driving so fast, don't you know that you should not cross the speed limit of your taxi?

Then Arnav said, ``You have to reach the temple quickly or want to take some rest on the road, so I am driving fast." And I also have to go back and see another passenger. Then Arnav crossed the traffic signal without seeing it.

Then the police said, what is this, without even seeing your signal, you crossed it. Then Arnav said, what is this headache, why are you talking about so many rules? Are you a policeman, our village policemen never speak anything to me.

Now if you do not close your mouth, then I shall leave you here straight away. Now reaching the temple, the policeman gave 1000 rupees to Arnav in which Arnav gave three hundred rupees to Nikhil.

Then Nikhil said, we were talking about taxi fare for five hundred rupees? Arnav says/ you take all of them in a package of three hundred rupees, not in five hundred so I will take seven hundred rupees.

I will take this money from you otherwise you stop your mouth. Nikhil said this is wrong. Arnav said I earn this money wisely. What do you have to do with it? You just go and do your work?

Now both of them came back to the station and started searching for passengers. Suddenly a constable came and asked about a vehicle number. Arnav said yes that is mine tell me. Constable tells him to take your bill. Arnav said what type of bill it is? 

Then the constable said that you did not wear a seatbelt and drove and broke the signal, which you have to pay three thousand rupees. Pay this bill or else your car will get sized. Saying so constable left the station. 

Now Nikhil said to Arnav that if you earn money in the wrong way, it will be like this. If you honestly did your work then today you don't have to see this day. 

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